Pen and Paper

So I've started my first week here on Infobarrel, and I have to say, I'm exceptionally pleased with what I've seen here so far. I've used other writing sites in the past (hubpages, ehow, ymidiongthis, helium, ect.) but (from a first-week only perspective) I have to say I am relatively pleased. I won't be able to go in-depth into earning on this site, due to the fact I am so new to the site and haven't made much, but I can talk relatively knowledgeably about the formatting, or way the sites set up, content, and just a general review of the website in general. After my first week I would have to conclude that infobarrel is something worth writing for and heres a few reasons why:

1) Freedom of Formatting

Unfortunately for all of us freelance writer's out there, I don't believe there is a single country in the world that guarantees this right; however, it appears Infobarrel does. Even the simple formatting you see in this article would have been impossible on several of the other freelance writing sites I've used, but Infobarrel gives you the tools to create, not just write. These tools are also relatively easy to use and, though their are no instructions available in the editing software itself, by the time I had published my first article, I had it completely figured out. It's that user friendly. I think many of us will remember the frustration of writing for a website that had to have every thing formatted under their specific guidelines. With Infobarrel you get much more freedom and its easy-to-use toolbar is so instinctual that it provides a great start for those just beggining to publish their work online. 

2) Good Pay Concept

Like I said, I haven't been on Infobarrel nearly long enough to make any significant earnings yet (hey I'm good, but I'm not that good) but that doesn't mean I don't understand how it works. Infobarrel rarely pays you directly (except occastionally you might get something if you win one of their monthly contests) and instead chooses to let you earn income through Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, and Chikita. Now they hook you up with Google Adsense immediately, but you do have to sign up with Amazon Associates or Chikita if you want to add them to your pages. They give you a pretty good dividend off of what the ads earn (75% of all adsense and 100% of your own Amazon adds) and I have found that it is this long-term residual earnings that will end up more profitable in the long run than a small 1-2 dollar fee per article. 

3) Write What You Want- Get Published

Now many websites like and all let you write pretty much whatever comes to your mind, but, conversely, there are also many that do not. Infobarrel allows its writers to write whatever strikes their fancy (within reason) and then it is willing to publish it. Now, don't get me wrong, your article must meet certain standards, but I have found those standards to be relatively simple for any moderate-level writer to attain and its nice to find a website that cares about putting quality content up along side your hard-worked on masterpiece. For some of us, as aspiring writers, getting your name out on a well-trafficked website will be enough; but for others (like myself), the extra earnings on the side are pretty nice too.


4) The Referral Program

Infobarrel's referral program allows Infobarrel users to sign up other perspective authors to Infobarrel by referring them and thereby allowing them a portion of the profits that author makes. Now it's not a ton, just 2% of all adshare (this comes out of the 20% or so of what Infobarrel makes and not the profits of your buddy) but if you signed up, say, 50 people and they were all active on the site, well, it starts to add up. Now most websites like this have a pretty good referral program but its just one more thing that helps make Infobarrel excellent. 

5) Second Chances 

After submitting your article to be published, Infobarrel has it reviewed to check for quality and make sure everything you write aligns itself with Infobarrel's terms and conditions. They then decide whether or not to accept or decline your article based off of formatting, content, and quality of the article. Now I've had a few articles already denied (for example, one article I wrote at 2am had an obscene amount of typos) but, on this website, I'm glad they were! On Infobarrel, unlike some other sites, its not an all-or-none kind of deal, but rather, Infobarrel gives you detailed advice on how to approve your article and allows you to resubmit it. So far, after making the suggested changes, I have had a 100% resubmit to publication rate and it really helps improve my articles and make me sound professional as well as optimize my profits. 

All in all, I have to say that Infobarrel is an excellent site to write for and a pretty decent way to make money on the side. If you would like to sign up you may do so here or just search Infobarrel on google.