My first year with InfoBarrel has been very rewarding, not only financially but also interacting with all of the great members here on InfoBarrel. I am looking forward to my second year as a writer for InfoBarrel.

So far with InfoBarrel I have earned $715.75 in Adsense income, $50.13 with Chitika, and $28.20 in affiliate earnings. $794.08 in total earnings. My earnings have been above $100 each month for a few months now, and I expect they will continue to climb.

My earnings per article are not near as high as many other writers, but I generally do not spend the time to backlink. I may start doing a little bit more back linking, but for now I am happy with just writing a lot of content.

I have seen a lot of people come to InfoBarrel and write a handful of articles, only to disappear from the InfoBarrel scene. I have also seen many other new writers come to InfoBarrel and excel rapidly. Travis_Aitch is one of the InfoBarrel writers that is truly on his way to InfoBarrel Stardom with his high earnings.

Over the next year I will continue to write articles for InfoBarrel. When InfoBarrel 2.0 is released I will probably begin to outsource some articles. InfoBarrel is way to make money, and the returns on your investments by buying content and then posting it on InfoBarrel cannot be matched by any other investment.

Some people consider outsourcing content to not being true to the "artistic ways of a writer". I can respect that, but I am not on InfoBarrel to show off fancy writing skills. I am here writing web content to earn money. When we write articles, Adsense ads are placed on the article. When a customer clicks an ad he or she finds the product they want and the company that placed the ad is happy, the customer who found the product is happy, Google is happy, and I as the writer who receives a portion of the click dollars is happy. Writing for InfoBarrel is truly a win-win situation for all parties involved. Nobody is getting screwed, and everybody gets to make some money.

Earlier this morning I had a chance to preview a Beta of InfoBarrel 2.0, and it looked sweet, very sweet! I know that it will be tweaked much more before it is released, but I expect the InfoBarrel 2.0 makeover will attract a lot of new writers, in addition to bringing back a few of the older writers who quit writing here. The Buzz surrounding InfoBarrel 2.0 should also bring in many more visitors to simply check out the new design, and when that happens the Alexa ranking of InfoBarrel will go even lower. The current Alexa ranking is 6,008. I wonder where it will be in one year. How long until we can help make InfoBarrel into one of the top 500 websites? That will be a great day.

If I was to quit writing for InfoBarrel today, I would still earn over $100 each month in passive income. My regret over the last year is that I did not ad more content, but I am still making pretty good progress. This article here will be my 457th article published on InfoBarrel. By the end of December I want to have my total articles at 600. My goal for next year is to simply keep adding content. I will be excited on the day I hit 1,000 articles. It is still a ways off, but getting closer every day.

I like the community we foster here on the InfoBarrel forum. It is a lot of fun to go on and interact with the other writers. I like all of the great tips and advice you can pick up in the forum. We have a really great forum community going on here with InfoBarrel and I hope it can continue.

I have written a lot of Las Vegas related articles. Some of my Las Vegas articles have not earned any money at all, and some are consistent earners. One of my Las Vegas articles has earned me over $50.00 and continues to get high paying clicks each month. I will continue to add Las Vegas related articles to InfoBarrel. My Las Vegas articles earn much more per month on average then my other articles.

I have had so much fun and earned enough writing Las Vegas related articles that I will be starting a Las Vegas related website in early 2011. I will however continue to write for InfoBarrel.

Another topic I have had great success with earnings wise is log cabins. Log cabin related articles are a fricken goldmine for me. Not all of them earn, but the ones that do are doing very well. If all of my articles received clicks and earnings like my log cabin articles then I would be making thousands of dollars each month.

It is nice to finally have some cherry articles. The cherry articles are the ones that consistently earn some money each month. The more articles I write the better chance I have of getting more articles that are cherry. Sometimes the articles that turn into big earners are complete surprises to me.

Evergreen topics are also great to write about. Some articles were intended to only be seasonal such as my article on Sleeping Bags for Tall Guys. I assumed it would get some traffic during the summer time during camping season. It also received traffic when hunting season started up and it is now beginning to receive traffic from people who I assume are looking to buy sleeping bags as a Christmas gift for somebody. Instead of having this article receive traffic only for the summer I am getting traffic throughout the year.

I have written for Examiner, TextBroker, Bukisa, and Break Studios. I can honestly say that InfoBarrel is my favorite. I can write what I want to write about and in the process build up a passive income. InfoBarrel is doing great, but 2011 should be a banner year for this platform.

I hope you continue to write for InfoBarrel. If you are not a member with InfoBarrel yet then you can sign up for InfoBarrel and begin to build a residua l income like I am doing.

I am not very good at predicting how much I will earn with InfoBarrel next year, but if I was to quit writing today I would still earn at least $1,200 next year with InfoBarrel. I however will not quit writing for InfoBarrel and can assure you that my earnings next year will be higher than $1,200! Travis_Aitch on the other hand, is rapidly building up to $1,200 a month, if not higher!