When traveling from Houston to Singapore, you are going to have to take a flight that has at least one stop, and you will have to settle for sitting in the plane for nearly 24 hours total. Although there is the excitement of the experience that you will have in your final destination, you don't want to make light of the decision of which airline to go with, or the route that you choose... but I digress. 

In the end, using my friends advice and cost comparison, I chose Singapore Airlines route, which has one stop in Moscow before continuing on to Singapore. Singapore Airlines=best way to go to Singapore? Let me tell you the best and worst aspects of the trip, and then you decide. 

I had the pleasure of staying in the standard economy class, but I did get the envious pleaseure to see the Business class on my way to the back of the bus. The look of Business class did not impress me too much, however I did not get to experience the world class service or food, so I cannot give a good opinion of the trip from business class.

To start off on my experience, I found the cabin to be fairly comfortable, and reminiscent of my trip to Dubai on Emirates Airlines. The only different feature is a foot rest that can be folded out in case you happen to be of a shorter stature, and need something to keep you feet from dangling from your chair. Unfortunately, at 5'10", this particular feature did not help me too much, but I did see several people make use of the stand, so it may be great for some! 

The entertainment system was not as robust as Emirates with only one or two episodes of each of the featured series being listed. I was also disappointed in the lack of English subtitles in the foreign selections. I tried to watch a Japanese show and later a Korean show, but there was no option for me to add English subtitles, so I was stuck with the normal western selection of movies, which got really old after the first half of the flight. 

The flight attendants were very attentive, and I was not lacking for anything. When I first sat down my entertainment system was not working, so the flight attendants did their best to get it started, even though they were going through the initial goodies hand out. 

You do get a little goodies package which includes (at the time) a little toothpaste/tooth brush combo, some socks, an eye mask, and your earphones set. I have been on other airlines that give this option, so although nice, nothing extraordinary. 

Food selection was not too bad. I normally like to try ethnic food that is normally added to the meals selection, which on Singapore Airlines involves noodles, noodles, and more noodles. This is not a bad thing, but after having noodles for dinner 1, and then noodles for breakfast, I needed to switch to a more western meal of pasta for my 3rd meal (you will get 4 meals on this flight) One highlight was that they actually offer ice cream for dessert! Heading to Singapore I got a small serving of vanilla ice cream, and heading to Houston I was served a chocolate covered vanilla popsicle type of dessert. Prefer the ice cream over the popsicle since the choclate covering kept breaking and getting into my clothes with the popsicle . (I am not the most graceful of girls).

The drinks are wide ranging, but I stick to the personal sized bottle of red wine, and repeat as is necessary. There is nothing more horrifying to me than the thought of getting drunk on the plane, and having to hurl in the tiny bathrooms! I will pass! (but for those of you who can hold your liquor, they have a few different options, even their signature Singapore Sling, which I did not try this time. 

For the actual stop in Moscow, there is little to be told. The airport is not horrible, but you will want to make a run from disembarking the plane to customs, since everyone on the plane has to go to this small area and go through a customs like area once again. They will pat you down, and recheck all of your carry ons, so if you were able to get any food past US security when you were boarding the plane, say good bye to it here because they open your bags and throw it away... and they find everything!

Interested in purchasing something in Duty Free to take back home? You cannot purchase food, drinks, or alcohol before you arrive in Russia because it will all be thrown away as these items are not allowed, even if you only stopping in Russia to switch planes on your way to your final destination. You are also not allowed to leave anything on the plane while you are going through this customs check. In my experience, I saw a few very expensive looking bottles of alcohol  get thrown away because this regulation was not known. I would have probably started to cry right then and there if it was me! moral of the story? Buy your duty free food and alcohol items IN Russia if you must buy at all. Of course this was not Singapore Airlines fault, but as this is part of the overall flight experience, it is worth mentioning. 

Your stop in Russia is also only enough time to go through the customs, head to the restrooms (which are not spacious, extra clean, or very nice), walk through the tiny shopping area and window shop a bit, then you will be boarded back onto the plane for your long, second leg of the flight. 

Overall, my experience with Singapore Airlines was uneventful and repeatable. It is a direct and efficient flight, and the crew that I got to fly with were very nice! Would I take this flight again? I think that next time, I will try the United flight that goes through Tokyo or the Emirates flight that goes through Dubai. On either of those flights I can get a small layover, see the city for a little bit, stretch my legs, and take another flight to my final destination.