Bukisa.com was the first content and profit sharing website I ever wrote for and, as such, I poured a tremendous amount of time, effort and content into my initial membership period. Unfortunately, I must say I am ultimately frustrated and disappointed with my results there, given the fact that I always write in proper English and supply high quality original content. There are several problems with bukisa.com, as I see it.

The index got knocked down.

Even though it wasn't high to begin with, around $4.20 for every 1000 page impressions, Bukisa had to drop it down to $3.22, where it has remained for several months now. They claimed this was an inevitable measure they were forced to take after too many spammers and schemers overran the site with junk, spam and plagiarized material. Unfortunately for bukisa.com and all its writers that are trying to secure their success there, punishing the well-behaved masses for havok wrought by a few is not the way to inspire more confidence in the site or generate more high quality content.

The editing staff seems to be non-existent.

I have seen articles featured on the front page that are specialized pieces on the innerworkings of a Windows system, or how to fix registry errors on your computer, that are very clearly written by someone who is still struggling to learn basic English grammar and structures. There were even Italian words interspersed in one! People are clearly not being penalized for running their junk through google translator and dumping it into a category. In fact, they can even get featured for an article that a native English speaker wouldn't be able to make sense of! Although sometimes it still takes 3 full days to have an article approved, and they still impose a 25 article limit per day, it's just too easy for garbage to end up in a higher position than actual writing and researched information.

The pay is just too low for the amount of promoting that goes on.

Bukisa is still struggling to increase its prevalence in search engine results and thereby generate healthier traffic flows for its members and contributers. It's true that bukisa could very well improve over time and have their presence increase considerably, but as of right now it's simply too much work to get something decent published only to have it sit in silence for months. You can check the site out and basically hear the crickets on a lot of the dead weight articles.