There certainly is something magical about the smell of fresh brewing coffee in the morning and when it's brewed in a world class coffee maker, it somehow seems to taste even better.

The Gaggia coffee maker is one of the huge collection of high end coffee and espresso machines available today. They are brewing great tasting coffee cups in homes and restaurants around the globe.

The Gaggia coffee maker was invented in 1948 by an Italian native in the pursuit of a patent for his steam machine he created which he soon earned and in some opinions he is the same man who is solely responsible for the espresso drink becoming what it is today.

That vision transformed into a wide collection of coffee makers that are absolute luxury compared to most other ones on the market today. They are available in many colors, sizes and the current popular trend of stainless steel to match your kitchen décor with perfection.

These makers are very elegant in their appearance, in fact many look like an electronic device more than a simple kitchen appliance. Even with their classy exteriors, they are simple to use and add a distinct look to your kitchen.

The Gaggia coffee maker certainly doesn't lack in features as it bodes a cup warming plate, electronic control panels and a removable water tank. Their rapid steam function seems to be one of the many reasons so many choose this brand as it makes a difference in the taste of coffee and for the dual machines that make espressos as well it creates a foam that other makers cannot compete with.

Many models have the capacity to brew two cups at once with their own built in heating systems. Many restaurant and café owners go to the Gaggia brand for their exceptional coffee makers and they carry a line of commercial brewers as well.

Considering the Gaggia coffee maker is so functional, the only down side to their appliances is that they are high in price to get one of your own. Even though you can find some deals on a Gaggia if you know where to look.

The company is well-known in Italy where it was born, but you can find many great deals on them on the internet and in finer kitchen appliance retailers around the world. Their company website is very informative showcasing their style, history and selection of products as well as links to order parts for your machine should you have any issues arise.

Sure stopping by the local coffee chain in your area is convenient and sometimes they even have a special drink you simply cannot create at home without their secret recipe, but when you elect to make your coffee and even your espressos at home the avid coffee drinker can save quite a bit of money.

Some people that spend four dollars a day on one of these hot drinks in a café can spend over a thousand dollars per year if they purchase one everyday making the higher price of the Gaggia coffee maker a real steal in the big scheme of things.