I have wrote for many online sites including Bukisa, Triond, Ehow, and the Examiner. The Examiner has by far paid me the most. I make about $9.00 for every thousand article views. My earnings on Bukisa have been very good considering I only have a few articles up over there.

I quit using Triond but left my articles up. Recently they began to allow you to integrate you Adsense account. I went over and entered in my Adsense information into my Triond account and my earnings have drastically increased. I decided I wanted to use a site that allows me to integrate my Adsense but I did not want to use Triond anymore. I did some research and that is how I discovered InfoBarrel.

My initial reactions to Infobarrel have been very positive. I wanted to do some articles about college football. I wrote my first one and submitted it. I then emailed Infobarrel support and asked if they could make a new subtopic of college football. I did not expect a fast reply. A few hours later I got an email stating they have added a college football topic and if I need any other college sports topics added to just let them know. Wow! Talk abut excellent customer support.

I will continue to write for examiner as that is an integral part of my monthly income but my main emphasis will be on writing unique content for Infobarrel. I also recently signed up with Ehow and submitted 4 how toos but their system is to restricting in the format I could use and there are many site wide bugs that keep the site in a non functioning form. I tried to submit more to Ehow but no matter when I tried it would not work.

Now I am on Infobarrel and the article submission system is working flawlessly.

My goal is to write 500 articles for Infobarrel by June 1st 2010. I will try to post at least one new article per day and when time allows I will post more than one. I feel that at just over 6 months for 500 articles is a tight time line but one that is achievable as long as I keep producing new content daily. If I stay focused I can have my 500 articles done within my time line.

As much as I lovewriting for Examiner and make excellent money the Infobarrel platform allows me to write about almost anything. This works out great for me. One day I will write my butt off about college sports and the next day I'm writing about history, fishing, or even Monopoly. Whatever I am interested in I can write about.

So far I have one article published and 2 more in waiting to be approved, plus this article. Only 496 more articles to go.

What are your goals for writing on Infobarrel?