I ran into Info Barrel when I searched "how to make $5000 a month. That is the ultimate goal I am working towards on Info Barrel. The article my search led me to was an article on IB and about making money with IB. It seemed interesting, so I signed up and spent a few days looking around. I started writing articles two days ago, and here I am.

I have set a few mini goals for myself in order to work my way up to my ultimate goal of $5000 a month. I have researched the various schools of thought on how to make money here, and have decided that I will begin with quantity, getting as many articles as possible out there, and from there I can determine if this method is working for my, and what kinds of quality articles I can write to make myself more money.

Here are these goals, and how I intend to reach them.

Goal #1- Have 100 published articles- As of right now I have 4 articles published, and three more waiting to be published. I'm attempting to write 4 articles a day, so that I will reach this goal in mid February.

Goal #2- Get at least 50 of those articles backlinked- I want to figure out what articles get looked at the most, and which ones will make me the most money, before I start just backlinking everything. My plan is to continue writing after I reach 100 articles, but switch to only writing 2 a day, and spending the rest of the time backlinking, correcting, and anything else that needs to be done with my originals.

Goal #3- Have 200 articles published- Once I get the first 100 published, I will be able to look at what I've already done and see what makes me money and what I really like writing and can do easily. For the next 100, I will focus more on making sellable articles, and work my way into niches that I can write many articles quickly on the same subject and make money off of them.

Goal #4- Evaluate my earnings, and decide what needs to be done next- I would like to make earnings goals at this point as well, but since I haven't even had any views on any of my articles yet, I'm not sure what I can reasonably expect to get, and how long it will take me. So I'm saving that part of the planning process for later, and I will update this article when I complete one of these goals, and with new goals when I make them. I am open to any suggestions anyone can offer, and excited to start seeing the money coming in!