So, you want to know how to get a girl to like you, eh?

"Yes, John! That's why I clicked on this article, is it no?"

Before you figure out how to get a girl to like you, you must first ask yourself why you want one.

"Obviously! Because I want to be with a girl!"

But why would she want to be with someone so obsessed with figuring out how to get her?

"Then what am I supposed to do?"

That's where I come in. If you want to figure out how to get girls, you need to stop focusing on the girl. Look at your bad boy movie stars. Watch the guys who are always getting all the girls. What do they all have in common?

"Uh, good looks? Self-esteem? Confidence?"

Possibly... but there are guys who have all this and still fail will girls.

No, the one thing these guys all have in common is that they have lives outside of women. They don't really have jobs. They own their lives. They work when they want and do what they want. This is what gives them happiness.

Not girls. Not lots of friends. But the ability to focus on doing what they enjoy (making music, acting, studying, drawing, anything you are passionate about) and not wasting their time doing what they hate (working 9-5, trading your time (finite) for money (which is pretty much infinite)).

I know what you're about to say. "Do what you you're passionate about? What the heck is passion?"

Take heed of the words from a mentor named Pook that I once knew:

“Passion is a word commonly misused. Passion does not mean “strong sensation” or “wild feeling”. Passion is an animation of the soul. You can tell someone is ‘passionate’ about something not because they ‘really like it’ but because they become much more animated within it.”

Look, my friends. I'm not against learning about the opposite sex, but what I am against is investing your whole lives in them. Study your passions and work them hard; you will be rewarded like no other. Is it not funny that those who indulge in their passions are the ones everyone wants to work for? Hint, hint: Steve Jobs.

If you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you're going to need to master yourself. There is a lot more knowledge I wish to share, but for now, here are four quick tips:

1. Realize that you are the center of your world

This is not to mean, "be selfish". You just need to realize that YOU, my friend, are the center of your world. If a girl does not like you, be glad as you would have spent time with someone who didn't like you anyway. If a girl thinks you're hot, it is not her fault, but yours.

The focus must be on you. Are you asking her out, or are you just waiting for her to ask you? Are you working a crappy job? Guess what? That's your fault too.

Taking responsibility for your life is the first step to getting a girl to like you.

2. It's not about getting girls to like you, but asking yourself what kind of girls do YOU like

Which leads us to a contradiction! Does it matter if a girl likes you or not? How do you even know? Or a better question, why do you even care? I've talked to plenty of girls who looked outright upset, but when I said 'Hi' to them, they would instantly light up!

Looks can be deceiving, especially when dealing with girls. Beautiful girls will never reveal their feelings for you. They will act disinterested, like they don't care, but they really do. Trust me.

Therefore, you have to go after the girls that YOU like. Tall, but not skinny? Go for it! Bodacious, but not chunky? The ball is in your court!

Nice, but not boring? You can have that too.

You must have standards. Otherwise, how can you separate the good girls from the bad?

3. Stop focusing on the number, but on "YES"

What is this, "YES", which you speak of?

My good sirs, any man, woman, and child can get a girls phone number. Heck, I'm sure even you've gotten phone numbers. But what happened? The girl never answered or made up an excuse not to date you.

Therefore, you should only focus on one word: yes.

If a girl says YES, that means you go! As long as she keeps agreeing to go out with you, she likes you. Otherwise she would just make an excuse (if it's a legtimate excuse, she'll ask to reschedule). If you ask to reschedule and she shoots you down, she basically just said no. Too bad. Her loss.

4. Constantly improve yourself

This is THE most important step of this whole post. You cannot have standards on girls unless you have standards for yourself. Do you want a girl who's physically fit? Great! But are you fit as well? Do you want a girl who's not needy? Awesome! So that must mean you aren't either, right?

If you are not the standards you see in others, you have no right to judge. You must constantly improve yourself so you're not just some guy who goes to school. Or goes to work. You exercise! You speak other languages! You work on your music or other passion.

Never stay stagnant. Always be improving.

To constantly improve is to have girls constantly wonder, Who is this man? Why is he not obsessing over me like the other boys? He's always so focusing on something interesting. I hope he asks me out? Squee!

And that is how to get a girl to like you.