Power outages are a hassle especially on cold winter nights when heat is most needed. Modern fireplaces usually involve electricity in their powering so without it, no heat could be had. T

raditional fireplaces would be wonderful for these situations but they are very inefficient since most of the heat produced is absorbed by the walls and sent outside.

A solution to this could be getting a gas heat n glo fireplace. In a gas heat n glo fireplace, one can have a wonderful heat source when the power goes out. They offer a vent-free design that comes complete with burner, simulated logs, and handheld remote.

Gas is used as fuel, which eliminates the need to constantly adjust and poke logs or coals and protect oneself from flying ashes and cinders.

This reduces cleaning time and fuel costs because the fire burns more efficiently. This brand of fireplaces not only offers effective fireplace modes but also innovative and decorative designs.

They consider the lifestyle implications of having a fireplace and they have designed the look to fit customers' tastes and personalities. For those who prefer other fuel sources, the company also offers wood burning and electric fireplaces.

The designs are exquisite and could make a plain looking home look like something out of an interior decorating magazine. There are ones available for outdoor use. Their product line also includes inserts, stoves, mantels, and other accessories.

A heat n glo fireplace costs at least $2000, depending on the size and model. They can be bought here from Amazon or the official website, Heatnglo.com, which is worth checking out because special tax offers and discount opportunities are posted at the home page.

Also, they have an interactive flash fireplace customization feature that lets customers determine what they want and need and give a quotation of how much that would cost.