Do you remember the day when you were first introduced to Email? This question is especially significant to people in their 30's and older because it represents a time that one of the most significant changes in communications occurred and impacted all of us at a personal level. I still remember my first introduction to Email. My uncle first showed it to me and told me that I could now write letters to him that he would be able to read on the other side of the world. It would take less than a minute to get to his computer.

Email was something that was truly revolutionary. It changed the face of telecommunication. It completely transformed the way that we communicated with each other. Not I could write to my pen pals every day and they would respond to me equally as fast. To me, that was truly amazing. I was in the 9th grade at the time and Email became the center of my life.

I still remember it fairly clearly. There used to be two types of Internets available. One was a text only and the other included pictures and video (which was ludicrous in my opinion). We had the better version – the multimedia version and I would wait in anticipation for a webpage to load up which could take several minutes if I was lucky and my connection lasted that long.

Which of course made video to my mind – an impossibility. I never thought that there would come a day when we would be able to see streaming video on the Internet. But it has happened today. Back in my day, if a simply picture took 20 minutes to download, then video was just not possible.

The first Web Based Email account I ever got was a good old fashioned Hotmail account. I remember I had joined a website that got internationals Pen pals in touch with each other and one day I got an Email from a guy with a Hotmail account. I actually thought that it was an Adult Email because it had the word "Hot" in it. So I was very wary of accepting that person's request to be a pen pal. But one day, when I was in a risk taking mood, I too signed up for a Hotmail account and I felt like I had done something truly rebellious.

Hotmail was of course one the first web based Email companies and one of the innovators on the Internet. They were one of the first companies to introduce free web based Email and that too for Free. I was very skeptical at first at this assertion of getting something for free and I still remember checking my monthly Internet bill to spot a charge from Of course, I never got one. Hotmail was a free and independent company at the time and I was glad to be a part of it.

Then it got bought out by MSN and we all thought that MSN would start charging for it. So I went out and signed up for Yahoo Email just to hedge my bets. But Hotmail still remained free and later I also signed up for Gmail. I still have my old Hotmail account and I use it regularly.