Jesus is King

Christians can sometimes get a bad rap.  There are so many verses and lessons in the Bible that our overwhelming and can set us back in terms of judging people and looking down on others.  One thing that I had to work on was to stop seeking Christ for short term rewards.  For example, I would ask for special things, get them and then act like I could do without Jesus.  In order to recieve the gift of eternal life we have to prove that we are worthy our entire life.  I have recieved bigger blessings by sticking with Jesus everyday.  I believe that my relationship with Jesus has become alot stronger and more fulfilling by doing so.  

A big part of Christian faith has to do with believing in uncertainties.  There is so much going on in the world that we feel like we may have to satisfy or impress people.  We should never do things to try to impress people, but rather do things out of love and righteousness.  I have been guilty of being scared to take a leap of faith, but I have learned that as long as I truly believe in my heart of Jesus' teachings, words and miracles I will be saved.  Jesus is in our hearts to lead us to strength, confidence and security. 

Another thing that I have learned is to lift Jesus, our Father and the words of the Bible in our hearts.  Loving our family, our parents, friends is important, it makes life more exciting.  Sharing joys of life with people is always better than bitterness and selfishness.  Life is too short to not want the best for people regardless.  You gain more genuine friends and relationships doing so.

Christians may be accused of condemning each other.  For example, I admit I am guilty of thinking things like "This guy stole something, he should be punished", rather than thinking that we need to wish the best for them like Jesus stated and not do the evil deeds themselves.  I love everyone and want everyone to get to Heaven.  I personally believe that you need Jesus.  Now Jesus' two biggest commandments is "Love God with all your heart, mind and soul" and the second is "love your neighbor as Jesus loved you".  Well Jesus forgave and Jesus was obedient to our Father, however Jesus was stern.  We need to love people like Jesus loved us, not love people like we think we should, thats when we will ultimately run into sins.  God is first always.   

We all make mistakes, however the key is to limit them and not purposely going out and finding ways to sin.  There are several verses in the bible "Stating love what is good and hate what is evil".  You are supposed to love good things, meaning love people, bless people, love God, believe in yourself, wanting others to be better than you (Philippians).  Hating evil doesnt mean hate evil people or people in general, rather hate evil deeds, like doubting yourself, going after peoples wives, killing and stealing.  Another thing that has helped me has been to read the book of Revelations and believing in it.  If you have read revelations, you understand the Throne in Heaven, the Lamb of God, Jesus on  the White horse and certain things that need to be defeated.  Lift these Good things with your heart.  The biggest evil is denying Jesus, or losing your Holy Spirit and that can't be done if you love Jesus, want him to be better than you and follow some basic rules.  Life become more focused this way, you don't waste time and your happier.   

Living like a blind person has helped me as well.  This doesnt mean to blindfold yourself, but to live a life as if you were blind and could only rely on faith.  Take your readings and teachings and follow God that way.  It helps you find the narrow path that I believe God appreciates.  Jesus performed many miracles with blind people and I that ultimately its easier to be happier with a true heart.  I have made tremendous strides in the last year of my life which I know if a result of the miracles and works of Jesus Christ and want to help others.  I know that some people don't believe in Jesus Christ, that is not my place to judge you, I just truly know that Jesus is with me and those others who believe in him.