It's becoming somewhat of a nuisance to just run into your local store and buy one or two products without enduring the often long list of questions to pursue the customer to open a store credit card, add on to their purchase or buy a warranty.

Although everyone would at times like to tell the cashier to simply "let it go, I'm just not interested", they must realize these employees are simply fulfilling their job requirements.

These in store credit offers are available virtually everywhere now, and one in particular that many are taking advantage of is the Ikea credit card.

Ikea is well-known for its trendy furniture, rugs, kitchen sets and accessories for the home at rather low prices compared to other major department stores. The Swedish retailer is slick with their marketing campaigns and lures the customer into their stores with great advertising.

They do offer some unbelievable deals on many products with most smaller items such as flatware and picture frames for only a few dollars, which has continued their success for the last few decades.

Once you're inside the store, it can be a challenge to resist the many promotions with flashy yellow sings screaming "buy me now", and many cannot control this urge and result in opening an Ikea credit card to afford their purchases.

Ikea does sell kitchen areas such as counter tops, cabinets and larger pieces of furniture that many utilize the credit card to redo rooms in their homes that without the credit offer they simply couldn't swing financially.

While that credit offer may sound like a shoppers dream come to life, the facts are that the Ikea credit card does have some blemishes on its appeal. For example, the APR on this card is high, which is common for a private store credit card, but the Ikea one is 28.8%.

Okay, now that you've swallowed that pill if you're still eager for more, they offer no perks or rewards system either.

Many store credit card offers periodically provide special discounts to their card holders as a thank you for shopping with them and Ikea does not. What the Ikea credit card does provide is notifications of specials and sales to their card holders prior the sales being publicly advertised, which basically just means you would know about a weekend sale on a Monday when the rest of the world would know on Wednesday.

There is no annual fee with the card and it is issued by Citi Cards of Canada. If you're looking to make a large purchase and quickly pay it off without having to endure the hefty interest, then this card is a great option for you.

Similar to most credit cards, you do not want to have a high balance but with this one in particular you really don't due to the high fees associated with your purchases.

The Ikea credit card can be used in the stores and on their website as well making it very convenient to get all the great deals right from your home.