You can make a lot of money by writing articles for InfoBarrel. If this sentence has already convinced you, you can sign up here. If not, I invite you to read on.

Let me tell you my personal experience with writing on InfoBarrel. Prior to joining InfoBarrel, the last time I had made any money online was in 2000-2001 as a kid clicking on those paid to read email schemes where you get half a cent or whatever to click on ads. Let's just say that was a waste of time.

My InfoBarrel experience could not be any more different from my experiences of a decade ago. In my first month of October 2010 I made $157 with 12 articles and in November I made $280 with 17 articles under Google's AdSense program. I am not the typical case as I had a niche to write in and I knew exactly where to promote my articles to get a lot of views and have them turn viral. In December I changed my focus to have my viral writings in other profitable venues as I learned how to make money online and switched focus to a more traditional InfoBarrel approach where I wrote a lot of articles, promoted them on bookmarking sites like SheToldMe, InfoPirate, Squidoo, Xomba and SquidStop and let Google take care of the rest. Despite that I still made $256 with InfoBarrel with 59 articles with Google AdSense and an additional $4 with Chitika. My new ventures combined for over $400 in AdSense and $65 in afilliate sales for over $700 earned in December.

After conversing with a few dedicated writers of InfoBarrel, I find that the typical person makes maybe $2-$3 a day or $50-$100 a month after publishing 50-75 non-viral articles with well-researched, popular keywords that rank well on search engines. People who find their niche and write many articles on several related topics tend to do the best as they build up a following, backlink their articles on non-traditional bookmarking sites that apply to their topics and can easily link a lot of their articles together, generating a high number of page views per user. People who go all over the map with their topics, don't title their articles well or don't do any backlinking tend to need more articles before they make any money. While the former group can earn $100 a month with maybe 50-75 articles, the latter group of people need anywhere between 200-500 articles before they earn $100 a month. The average person earns $100 a month after publishing somewhere between 100-200 articles.

Now if you like the idea of earning $100 a month in residual income, why not spend a year writing 100+ articles or so and have the money roll in for years to come by signing up for InfoBarrel. If you think that $100 a month is still not really worth it, consider that InfoBarrel is still in its infancy stages as of January 2011. You can make a lot of money if you're one of the first people writing here. Read my article How to Make a lot of Money Writing for InfoBarrel by Signing Up Now to find out why.