During August my InfoBarrel earnings were:

  • Adsense: $58.32
  • Chitika: $1.58

I earned a total of $59.90 during August.

I am told that traditionally ad spending is down in August and looking at my earnings and I can believe it. During the last week my earnings increased drastically. The first three weeks of August seemed real slow to me.

My top 5 earning articles for August were:

  1. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins ($3.48)
  2. Las Vegas Deals- Cheap Food and Free Buffets ($3.42)
  3. All Day Long Buffets in Las Vegas (2.63)
  4. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month With InfoBarrel (2.36)
  5. Where to Buy Cheap Dickies (2.32)

My Top 5 articles with the most pageviews during August were:

  1. Honda Rebel vs Suzuki TU250
  2. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players
  3. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters
  4. Free Afghan Crochet Patterns
  5. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month With InfoBarrel.

I had at least one click every day. My lowest day I only had one Adsense click and my highest click day gave me 11 clicks.

My highest click day was August 31st. This was also my highest earning day. The last day of the month I got clicks on articles that had never received them before!

My top 10 referring keywords for the month were:

  1. TU250
  2. Suzuki TU250
  3. InfoBarrel Earnings
  4. InfoBarrel
  5. Simona Halep Measurements
  6. All Day Buffet Las Vegas 2010
  7. Field dressing A Bear
  8. Sexy Female Tennis Players
  9. How to Make 5000 Dollars Fast
  10. Caroline Wozniacki Breast Reduction

InfoBarrel Earnings:

As you can see I have not broke the $100.00 a month yet with InfoBarrel but I will this month. I am sick of waiting around so I will be publishing more articles this month. During August I published 58 new articles on InfoBarrel. This month I will be publishing many more than that.

As some of you know I no longer work a 9-5 job. I was able to quit my job and pursue web content writing full time. I will be extremely busy this month writing for up-front pay but I will keep writing for InfoBarrel also. I want to get my InfoBarrel earnings to $250.00. My goal this month with InfoBarrel is to get my earnings for the month to over a $100.00.

In order to do this I will need to keep adding more articles. I feel I have a great chance at earning over a $100 this month. This is the month…I hope!

I currently have 383 articles published on InfoBarrel and by the end of this month I should be getting close to 500 articles.

I have had great luck with three of log cabin articles I had written last year. They are earning consistently. I am also doing well with some of my Las Vegas related articles.

Here are some possible topics you may want to write about

Log Cabins- Log cabin related articles have been earning well for me so I added a few new ones and I will add more log cabin articles this month. Anything related to log cabins seems to be earning consistently for me once the articles have aged. I expect in December to rake in a nice amount of Adsense Earnings simply from my Log Cabin articles since I will have a handful of new ones that will have aged by then. The log cabin articles generally are among my lowest CPC but I get many ad clicks on them.

Las Vegas- Generally the more specific my topic on Las Vegas then the more the articles earn. Instead of writing an article such as "Las Vegas Hotels" write an article about each specific hotel in Las Vegas. Instead of talking about general jobs in Las Vegas break it down into a sub-niche such as my article Become A Slot Tech In Las Vegas.

InfoBarrel Articles- Some of my InfoBarrel articles are earning consistently. I have now officially classified one of my InfoBarrel articles as a cherry article. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month With InfoBarrel always earns me money. It is only a small cherry but still a cherry. Any articles that have strategies to earning more money with InfoBarrel or articles that show the potential earnings possible with InfoBarrel by following a simple plan seem to earn.

Snow Tires for Cars- Wintertime is coming and many people will be looking for either performance rated tires that can be ran on the winter or snow specific tires. Get the articles written now so by the time the first snowfall comes your articles will be aged.

Hunting Related- Deer hunting, bear hunting, how to field dress a bear, and anything related to hunting. I have some great ideas for bow hunting articles and will work on them over the next few days.

Bowling Products- The CPC is not generally very high but if you write some bowling product articles you could earn some money. When snow starts falling many people will turn to indoor recreational activities such as bowling. If you have a bowling article try and make it as narrowed as possible such as reviewing a certain bowling ball or the 5 best bowling balls to use on oily lanes etc.

Skiing and Snowboarding- Wintertime is coming and now would be a good time to start busting out some snowboarding and skiing articles. You can also write articles about things to do other than skiing in some of the popular resort towns such as Aspen or Sun Valley.

Holiday Products- This month would be an excellent month for you to start writing all of your Christmas product articles. It will give them some time to age before the biggest holiday of the year is here. Look for trends and see if you can figure out what the "must have toy" of Christmas will be this year. If you write it now and get it right you could earn a lot of extra money for the holidays.

Highest Earning Articles on InfoBarrel

I did not get my Analytics account to show Adsense earnings until I had been a member for about 3 months. I am in the process of cross referencing the earnings data to come up with a list of my all time top earning articles. Here I will share with you my top earning articles since February 13th 2010 which is the day I got my Analytics account associated with my Adsense.

My Analytics always shows a smaller earned amount then my Adsense account. We are paid off of the amount that shows in Adsense so that is OK but the numbers are skewed low. Most of these articles have earned more than what it shows in Analytics but for ease of simplicity I will show you the Analytic stats. Look for trends and see what works for me.

My Top Earning InfoBarrel Articles Since 2/13/10 According to Google Analytics

2 Articles deal with InfoBarrel. 4 of my top earning articles are Las Vegas Related. 2 of them are log cabin related.

What's cool is that for all of the channels I had made to track each article on Adsense shows that my actual earnings were a higher than what Analytics reports. Analytics is not quite as exact as Adsense for tracking but it is a great way to track all your earnings since you can only have 200 channels anyways on Adsense.

Out of my top 10 earning articles 5 of them had 1,000 or more words. The average word count for my top 10 articles is 843.6.

New Adsense Layout

I really like the new inline Adsense ads here on InfoBarrel. I think it will increase click-thrus for everybody that has a lot of articles published that are longer in length.

Increase InfoBarrel Earnings

One of my goals this month is to increase my InfoBarrel earnings and hopefully break $100 in earnings with InfoBarrel this month.