Bulls Eye Dart Board TargetCredit: Flickr/Rob Ellis

This month I earned a total of $177.39 with InfoBarrel. I earned more than this with Adsense, but the numbers I share here are ONLY for my InfoBarrel earnings. Here is how my earnings on InfoBarrel were broke down for the month:

  • Adsense: $151.52
  • Chitika $21.15
  • Amazon $1.32
  • Affiliate Commissions: $3.40

If you count all of the articles I have on InfoBarrel, including the ones I published in February, then my average earnings per article is sitting at about .20 cents each. I definitely do not have a very high average earnings per article as some of the other writers here in InfoBarrel, but I am making progress towards $1,000 a month in InfoBarrel earnings. With so many articles I have a good understanding of which articles I have written that are consistent earners each month.

I had an article I published in February get over 7,800 views and went semi-viral thanks to the tutorial on writing viral articles by Ryan and the inspiration from this forum post. The article that got so many views was 14 Cute Childhood Stars Who Grew Up To Be Ugly.


I added 16 new articles to InfoBarrel last month. I have been writing a lot, but mainly for up-front pay. If you need any articles feel free to contact me with the InfoBarrel Private Message system.

This month I will be focusing on writing for up-front pay, but I will continue to add new articles to y InfoBarrel account. My goal this month is to get at least 31 points for the bonus rev-share and also the additional 5%. I want to be earning the full rev-share of 90% each month. If you do not get the max rev-share each month, then you are simply throwing money away, especially if you have a lot of articles.

I still love the InfoBarrel website, and will continue to work towards $1,000 a month and then work towards making $5,000 per month with InfoBarrel. With my average earnings of .20 cents per article last month, I will need to publish 5,000 articles before I reach my goal, however I think I will get there much sooner than that.

Fun InfoBarrel Stats for February 2012

  • My InfoBarrel Images Earned $10.13
  • Counting all of my articles including the ones published on the last day of February, I earned at least .01 cent with 29.29% of them.
  • My Top earning article made me $12.91 with Adsense.
  • I had one single click on an article that made up 4.6% of my total earnings for the month! This click came on an article that has been published for a year and had not earned any money before.
  • I had 35 articles that earned $1.00 or more. That’s almost 4%. I definitely want to get this stat higher.

This was also the first month that Chrome was the top browser to my articles.

  1. Chrome 6,287
  2. Firefox 5,555
  3. Internet Explorer 5,021

I think that the change occurred partly because of the Firefox update that annoyed a lot of people, but mainly because the article that went viral got a lot of hits from Reddit, and they definitely are not Internet Explorer users for the most part.