Last month I made over $50.00 on InfoBarrel. It appeared that my earnings were going to be much lower but the last 7 days my earnings increases drastically including a record earnings day of almost $7.00 with Adsense.

  • InfoBarrel Adsense Earnings- $48.74
  • InfoBarrel Chitika Earnings - $3.94
  • Total InfoBarrel Earnings For March- $52.68
  • Amazon Gift Certificate $50.00

I am already on track to beat my earnings for this month. Each day I am seeing my average Adsense earnings per day increase. I believe a lot of this has to do with the number of articles I have that have finally "Aged". I planned on writing 300 articles per day this month and trying to achieve 300 additional articles posted to my InfoBarrel folio. Unfortunately I dinged up my elbow pretty bad.

Even though I am in a Sling and have a busy month ahead I am still going to strive for close to a hundred new articles for this month.

I have seen what happens when you have over 200 articles posted on InfoBarrel. My older articles have aged and my earnings are going up. If I write absolutely nothing new this month I predict I would make around $80.00 between Adsense and Chitika. I am stoked about this but I want to see how much I earn when I have 1500 aged articles on InfoBarrel.

I have now had 12 days in a row where my LOWEST Adsense earnings day was $1.68. I have gad multiple days at over $3.00 in Adsense with my highest earnings day of $6.87 in Adsense in just one day.

In March I had:

  • 13 articles made at least $1.00
  • 8 articles made at least $2.00
  • 2 articles made at least $3.00
  • 1 article made at least $4.00
  • 1 article made at least $6.00

37 of my articles made money.

Out of my top 5 earning articles for the month 3 of them dealt with InfoBarrel. I enjoy writing about InfoBarrel and they also make me good money. I would like to encourage more people to write about there monthly experiences with InfoBarrel with articles such as this one.

This article will be my 224th article on InfoBarrel. My elbow hurts like heck but I still will peck out enough articles to at least hit 300 total articles by the end of this month. Last month I added 52 new articles to my InfoBarrel folio.

I noticed our fellow writer EmyLu has not been active during the month of March. I hope she returns to writing for InfoBarrel as her articles always seem to get a lot of page views.

I am stoked by the increased earnings I have begun to receive. I am confident these daily earnings will continue but I want them to increase. I want to get daily earnings of at least $30.00 and I know it is possible. If I keep writing this year and finish 2010 out with at least 1500 articles in My InfoBarrel folio then I more than likely will be making much more than this. I am truly excited by the opportunity that InfoBarrel has presented to all of us. I have the opportunity to make some great residual income this year with InfoBarrel.

When I fell roller skating and landed hard on my elbow I almost passed out. I felt my head getting heavy and everything was blurry, with bright lights, and then my vision started to fade to black. I knew I had to raise my head or I would pass out. My first thought was I need to get my head raised so I don't faint. I pushed myself up and skated off the rink to sit down. I was in a lot of pain. The first thing that came to mind as soon as I sat down on the bench was "How the F$%# am I going to write articles now".

I adapt and overcome. I will be writing slower but I will still be writing. You do not want to lose the monthly InfoBarrel contest to a one armed Gimp taking Hydracodone pain medication. You need to write a lot if you want to win this months contest. I'll make sure of it.

I have rigged out a way to write some articles. I want to write 10 articles a day for a month to drastically jump my earnings up but it will not be this month. I do however still plan on writing a lot of articles. I am focused on getting 1500 articles written by the end of the year but preferably sooner then December 31st. I am going on a trip this fall to watch some college football games in California and I hope to have my numbers of articles at the end of October to either be 1,500 total or pretty close too it.

Race To 1500 InfoBarrel ArticlesWriters block has disappeared for me. Not even mild spells of it. I have absolutely no writers block at all and I am so glad. My mind is wandering a million miles an hour with article ideas. I was writing a bunch of article ideas down with paper I would carry with me but now I am entering notes on my cell phone with article ideas.

The great thing about a huge list of article ideas is that if you do not want to write about a particular subject when you sit down to type an article then you simply scan down your list until you get to a topic that interest you at that moment.

Many times when writing an article I will think up additional ideas to write about and I will add those to a list so I can write about them at a later time.

I am really excited to be writing for InfoBarrel. I know when my earnings skyrocket even further then my friends may become interested in writing for InfoBarrel.

I am so excited by the earnings potential of InfoBarrel. I take my current earnings and Adsense CPM and figure out how much I would have made if I had 500 articles, 1000 articles, and 1,500 articles. I love the numbers the calculator throws back to me. I also love the fact that those numbers will here by the end of this year as I am dedicated to having 1,500 articles in my InfoBarrel folio by the end of this year. At the end of this year my residual earnings on InfoBarrel will flat out amazing. Image Credit: (Flickr/Patrick Doheny)