My First Month on InfoBarrel & Earning Money!

So I joined InfoBarrel on the 14th of September and have since then released 13 articles. That is almost one article a day up until now, which I'm satisfied with. It takes some time for me to write articles in English (my second language) but I believe I will become faster if I just continue to write, write and write!

InfoBarrel September 2012:

Published articles on InfoBarrel: 12

InfoBarrel Adsense: $4.40

InfoBarrel Amazon: $0

Biggest accomplishment this month:

  • Joined InfoBarrel (IB).
  • Earned my first money on IB (actually when I was asleep which feels sweet!)

What I have learned:

I have learned so many things in the last two weeks, not only about writing articles but also about myself as a person and writer.

  • It is possible to make money on the Internet!
  • If you work hard, the results will come.
  • Multitasking doesn't work for me. Not even listening to music while writing articles.
  • Read your article again before you publish it. Many times I have forgot a letter here and there. Also to make sure that my picture is placed correctly.
  • I have learned (I think I have learned) some basic SEO and backlinking strategies. (Would love to learn more from you experienced writers here on IB.)

Goals for October 2012:

  • Write and publish 20 articles on IB.
  • Write quality content.
  • Double my Adsense earnings to $8.
  • Make my first Amazon affiliate sale.


Closing words... Thanks to the IB community for always helping me out (in way or another) and for sharing all the great content that I can learn from (and apply in my writing).