April was filled with both disappointment as well as days of extreme glee. I was expecting to make $100 in the month of April. I did not come close to that. I did however make more than I did the month before.

My original goal for last month was to write 100 articles for InfoBarrel. I did not come close to that. A lot of the reason was I chipped by elbow and had too written with one hand for a few weeks. I also had a minor surgery that took me out of action for a few days. My chipped elbow really slowed me down but I am back to typing with two hands again!

Even though I was slowed down, I still managed to write 35 articles for InfoBarrel. I also wrote a few articles for TextBroker. I plan on writing some more articles for TextBroker so I can get some quick cash, but I still want to concentrate on InfoBarrel by adding 90 new articles this month to my InfoBarrel folio.

For last month, April 2010, I earned on InfoBarrel;

  • Adsense: $51.02
  • Chitika: $5.00
  • Amazon: Zilch!

$56.02 in total InfoBarrel earnings for the month of April. I also earned a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate in the monthly InfoBarrel Contest.

The month before I earned a total of $52.68 on InfoBarrel plus a $50.00 Amazon gift certificate.
My Chitika earnings are a bit over $5.00. Chitika stats are down right now. I know I may just over $5.00 but will list it as $5.00.

I am not guessing what my earnings will be this month. I know they will be higher. I hope to make at least a $100.00 but if I can reach $75.00 or more I will be happy.

I had 2 days where I earned nothing at all with Adsense. I had one day where I earned a whopping .02 cents with Adsense. I earned everyday with Chitika. I can see a lot of potential with Chitika. Chitika will never earn as much as Google Adsense but if you have a folio of 2,000 articles you could easily earn an additional $40.00 a month with Chitika.

My three largest days for April for Adsense earnings were:

I had 48 articles that earned money during April. 18 of those articles earned over a $1.00. My top earning article made me $6.05. The cool thing was that article only got 3 clicks. I earned over $2.00 for each click!

My Top 5 Articles By Earnings For April Are:

My Top 5 Articles Ranked by Page views For the Month of April Were:

My Top 5 Articles Ranked by Unique Page views for the month of April were;

My Afghan article has a lot of return visitors. I assume that they are using it as a resource to find afghan patterns. The more times people return to an article the better chance I have of the visitor clicking on an Ad.

My goals with InfoBarrel this month is to write 90 new articles. I still have the goal of reaching 1500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of this year.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas related articles seem to do really well for me. I love Las Vegas, I Love Las Vegas history, and I love the fact that my Las Vegas articles seem to consistently earn for me. Some of the Las Vegas articles earn little to nothing, but others do extremely well. I will continue to add new articles related to Las Vegas.

Top 3 Referring Search Engines
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • AOL

Google sent the highest percentage of visitors to my InfoBarrel articles. Yahoo also sent a nice chunk of new visitors. AOL surprisingly surpassed Bing as the third place referring Search Engine.

InfoBarrel Potential
I am still excited about InfoBarrel. I know I do not make as much money up front; the long term residuals are what excite me. I know that once I get 1500 articles I will make a nice amount of money each month, even if I do not write anything new.

InfoBarrel Additions
InfoBarrel just introduced their top 100 Writers list. I like the fact that you can order the top 100 writers by achievement points, total articles wrote, and number of forum posts.

This is a great way to not only help you track your progress in comparison to other InfoBarrel writers, but also to help motivate people too write more. The more articles that other people write for InfoBarrel, the more it benefits everybody.

InfoBarrel Contest
I was luck to eek out a third place finish in the monthly contest. The final results:
  1. Msmuffintop 298 points
  2. Sookie 279 points
  3. Ernie 108 points

Msmuffintop and Sookie really racked up the points last month!

In April I was slowed down, but I hope to gain ground this month as I proceed towards 1500 articles on InfoBarrel.

I have no writers block currently. I have a ton if article Ideas. I just need to get writing when I can, and write a lot.

InfoBarrel writers have the potential to earn a lot of money. In order to earn a lot on InfoBarrel you need to publish a lot of articles. I hope that my earnings can be supercharged over the next few months as I rapidly add a lot of new articles to my InfoBarrel folio.

My motivation for InfoBarrel is still very high. I do however have a new project that will begin in 3 weeks that will zap some of my writing time. This project will help to drive additional traffic to InfoBarrel articles. I am very excited about my new project and will share details of it in the near future once it is up and running.

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