My earnings for last month sucked. I earned a total of $95.53. This is the first time I have not earned at least $100 on InfoBarrel in many months. The interesting thing is I had a lot of clicks on my Adsense ads, but they did not earn near as much as normal.

The Google Panda obviously screwed me over, but I understand thats the game we are in. I will continue to add articles to InfoBarrel, but I will be writing a lot more for my own websites. I have also begun writing for other people again. I like receiving upfront pay more than ever since the Panda dance. I don't want to badmouth Google, becuase they still provide lucrative Adsense earnings for other websites I own.

I published my earnings last month at IBNation, but I had a few people that messaged me to ask where my earnings report is, so I am once again going to publish it here on IB.

The articles that earn consistently for me are the same ones that earned consistently before the Panda update. Out of the numerous articles I outsourced, only a few are receiving any clicks, but nothing steady yet.

This month I will write articles for clients as well as doing some work on my own sites. My earnings are not very good on InfoBarrel, and my per article average slid down big time. I will continue to add articles to IB, but now I think about it more. Instead of automatically publishing the article to IB, I tend to let it sit on my hard drive for a few days as I ponder where I should put it. I often sell the article outright or simply add it to a website of mine.

An example of this is my new camera. I have written numerous articles around photography, but instead of posting these on IB I will start a photography website and add all of them to the website. If I had instead only written one article about Photography, then I would post it here on IB.

The Bipolar Panda that Google has as a mascot will continue to dance around, but at least I can count on some income with IB each month. Even though I did not earn $100 or more with InfoBarrel last month, I did come pretty dang close. I am not going to sneeze at an extra $95.53 each month.

I tend to write in spurts along topics. If I write a travel article then I will probably write a handful of travel related articles before switching topics. I may write up a lot of articles and build my own PLR pack and resell it 10-20 times. If anyone here on InfoBarrel has written articles and sold them as a PLR packs, please message me here on IB. I got a few questions about marketing the article packs.

The Chart below shows how much in total I have earned with InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel Earnings Chart(47818)