August was the best earning month for me ever. During August I earned a total of $180.76 on InfoBarrel.

  • Adsense: $163.57
  • Chitika: $15.32
  • Amazon: $1.87
  • Affiliate Sales: Nada

 I earned $29.87 more than last month. I am happy with this as August is generally one of the slowest earning months for Adsense.

 This month I will definitely write enough articles to earn at least 31 points for the monthly contest so I can get the bonus share for next month, but most of my efforts will be on my new supersite.

 I joined The Keyword Academy and have been following the TKA 2.0 methods. So far with my new site I have been receiving some great long tail keyword traffic. I am going to spend this month writing my butt off for my new supersite. I have written 21 articles so far for my site and looking at my traffic stats I can tell that I will probably be able to earn a nice chunk of change with it once I get more articles published.

 I signed up for The KeyWordAcademy (TKA) on August 11th. I published my first article on August 21st for my new site. I earned a total of $1.37 with Adsense during that period. Not a lot, but the site is new without much content. I can assure you my earnings with TKA will higher this month. I am happy with the traffic I am receiving considering how few articles I have and how new the site is. I am excited about this and will send most of this month doing articles for that site. By the end of this month I will have at least 200,000 words published on my site.

I researched keywords using TKA 2.0 strategies and came up with a list of green long tail keywords to use. I wrote a few articles for InfoBarrel using these keywords.

Localized and regional articles can be great topics. This weekend I am attending the Rocky Mountain Rumble 2011 Football games in Pocatello. Over the last few weeks I have been seeing a huge increase in the number of searches for that topic from Google searchers. I am going to take tons of pictures and have a huge article written and SEO for next year. The organizers don’t update their website or the FaceBook, so I will definitely be able to pick out the top spot in the search results for my keywords.

This month I started off the first day with over $10.00 in Adsense earnings, so I hope this trend continues.

Adsense and Analytics are often times different, and that is to be expected. However over the last month I have noticed a huge difference between my Analytics and Adsense earnings stats. I am wondering if some of this might be from my referrals to InfoBarrel. I have a couple of referrals that have pumped out some articles that are receiving a lot of traffic each month.

I have around 250 InfoBarrel referrals and only a handful of them are active, but a couple of them seem to be getting a lot of traffic. Is there a way to tell which of our referred writer’s articles we earn money off of when people click when our ads are showing for that 2 percent of the time? I don’t think there is but if you have an idea let me know.

All InfoBarrel EarningsCredit: Ernie!