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Even though veteran writers on InfoBarrel tell me that December is a slow month, especially between Christmas and the New Year, I was happy with my progress.  First, I was surprised to see that two of my articles rank on the first page of Google for specific keywords.  Unfortunately, they aren't "money" keywords.  Second (and as another IB writer pointed out), it is much easier to set goals about things you can control.  For example, I can't control how many people click on the ads next to my article so setting an earnings goal may prove frustrating.  I can, however, set a goal regarding how many articles I write in January since that has to do with my own behavior and not others'.  So that's what I plan to do in this New Year.  As I mentioned in my November InfoBarrel Earnings Update, I'm very happy to be writing on InfoBarrel.  The community is wonderful and I'm quite satisfied with my December earnings so on to some totals:

December Progress


$22.77 from Google Adsense (twice my goal amount for this month--WOOT!)

$2.02 from Chitika

Total: $24.79

Articles Written: 45 (69 total)

Contest Points: 65


Jiffy Articles (aff link)

StumbleUpon: Three articles over a thousand views

According to Adsense stats, my articles receieved over 11,000 views and 50 clicks on ads which means each article averaged 161 views and less than 1 click--keep in mind that that's not completely true.  There are some articles that really went viral on StumbleUpon--22 of my articles getting over 100 views all have been stumbled and according to Google Analytics around 75% of traffic coming to my articles is from SU.  I can only assume that there is a direct correlation between CPC & CPM Adsense income and SU usage. I'm having a hard time verifying that since I can't see on Adsense or Analytics which articles got clicks although I can see which ones made CPM income (very little, of course).  I want to point out though that Infobarrel income via Adsense was more than the Adsense income I made in December from my blog which received 1.5 times more traffic.  I'm happy with this return.

Outsourcing from Fiverr and Jiffy Articles writers: 8 articles, some keyword research and backlinking.


  • backlinking: this was boring and I didn't see much traffic from it
  • more use of StumbleUpon for backlinks and traffic
  • outsourcing as a way to supplement my own writing rather than take it over
  • placing articles on article directories as a specific backlinking practice
  • meeting specific goals to earn InfoBarrel achievement badges

Plans for January 2012

  • Write more--meet my 45 articles output (in December) or exceed it.
  • Continue collaborating with another InfoBarrel writer on a backlinking project.
  • Outsource from one keyword research specialist and one writer on Fiverr.  All of the Jiffy articles writers are of excellent quality and send me finished copy fast so I will continue to use them.
  • Add pictures to articles and add content to media pages ala Chezfat.
  • Interlinking articles which I didn't do (but meant to) during December.
  • Work on revising my signatures and profile page which I didn't do (but meant to) during December.

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See you next month!