My January earnings were very low compared to what I was expecting, but it was a slow month for advertising. I had days with 50 cents and then the next day I had over $10.00. My numbers were completely off the chart. I made over a $100 last month which keeps me happy.

I know that IB 2.0 combined with some personal changes are going to help propel my earnings. I may be wrong, but I am predicting a record earnings month this month for my Info Barrel earnings.

I seriously slacked off last month. I wasn’t necessarily being lazy but I was extremely stressed out. This month will see me add numerous articles to Info Barrel as I work my way closer towards the 1,000 article mark.

Last month my Bukisa earnings were very high per article, but I have not added anything new there for a long time. I will focus on Info Barrel and my earnings from other sources are just icing on the cake.

The chart below shows my InfoBarrel earnings and only my InfoBarrel earnings. I have Adsense and other income from other websites but I ONLY include InfoBarrel earnings for my InfoBarrel earnings chart.

My top earning articles last month mainly dealt with the topics of

  • Las Vegas
  • Log Cabins
  • Nike Shoes
  • Buying Stocks Online

With all of the new changes happening at Google it appears that quality and quantity will soon reign over SEO. I will continue to focus on my strategy of quantity and not worry very much about back linking. I am not the highest earning Info Barrel writer but I am on the path to eventually reaching $1,000 a month, although it is taking longer than I would like.

In order to speed up the process I will add many more articles than I did last month. I am researching the route I want to take on outsourcing, but for now will write all of my articles. I do expect to begin outsourcing within a month or two, but I first want to reach 1,000 articles.

I am going to be ordering Dragon Naturally Speaking voice to text software and that should help me write more articles.

I have numerous websites and blogs, yet I do not do much with them. I will change my strategy with these and outsource a few articles for these websites. InfoBarrel is only one part of my overall strategy in building residual income, but I do want to focus most of my efforts here until I get my InfoBarrel earnings higher.

I still have not earned any money with Amazon, but I did receive a record number of clicks. I am so happy when I read about InfoBarrel members that are successful and earning commissions with Amazon, but I have not earned a single cent yet by using Amazon.

This month I should see record earnings here on InfoBarrel. I will be pushing much harder than last month. I am excited that IB 2.0 came out and am going to work hard this month with InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel Earnings

Ernie's InfoBarrel Earnings Update for January 2010

InfoBarrel Earnings Chart(40221)Credit: ErnieCredit: Ernie