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I wish I could say that my January earnings doubled or even slightly outperformed my previous month's earnings but they didn't.  About a third of the way through January, I asked other IB writers about their click thru rates only to have them (and admin) confirm that January was one of the slowest months in the Adsense game and that it should pick up in February.  I hope so. Because January was nothing to write home about.  I earned less in January than I did in December.  

It wasn't all bad news though. I more than doubled my Chitika total and I added 36 more articles to my InfoBarrel library, bringing my total to 105 articles!  Getting to 100 articles was a major milestone for me.  Even though I wrote fewer pieces, it seemed like more because that magic number felt elusive.  Sigh.  I'm glad it's over.  Now on to the next goal of 150 articles total on IB.

January Progress


$19.82 from Google Adsense (not even meeting December's total of $22.77--boo!)

$4.62 from Chitika (more than double my December $2.02) 

Total: $24.44 (.35 less than December's total)

Articles Written: 36 (105 total)

Contest Points: 53


Jiffy Articles (aff link)


  • 37 articles over 100 views
  • 8 articles over 1000 views
  • 2 articles over 5000 views
  • 1 article over 10,000 views

12,198 views on my articles

51 clicks

SU bringing in 59% of visits to my articles.  This is down from the 75% StumbleUpon brought in during the month of December proving that the more articles age the more they're likely to get organic traffic.


  • backlinking: this was boring and I didn't see much traffic from it but I will continue to do it
  • more use of StumbleUpon for backlinks and traffic
  • outsourcing as a way to supplement my own writing rather than take it over
  • placing articles on article directories as a specific backlinking practice
  • meeting specific goals to earn InfoBarrel achievement badges

Plans for February 2012

  • Write more--hit 150 articles in February or exceed that number.
  • Outsource more articles.  All of the Jiffy articles writers are of excellent quality and send me finished copy fast so I will continue to use them.
  • Add pictures to articles and add content to media pages ala Chezfat.
  • Interlinking articles which I didn't do (but meant to) during January.