During January I added 52 articles to my InfoBarrel account. Despite this my earnings from Adsense was awful for January.

  • December InfoBarrel Earnings: 39.97
  • January InfoBarrel Earnings: $28.77

Well the good news is my Affiliate earnings off of my InfoBarrel articles was much higher than last month. The bad news is my Adsense sucked for the month. As always my InfoBarrel Earnings report is based solely on my earnings off of InfoBarrel and no other site.

Here is my January earnings broke down:

  • Adsense- $5.62
  • Amazon- $3.00
  • Chitika-       .34
  • Affiliate- $19.80


I am happy that my affiliate earnings were much higher than last month. The affiliate earnings helped to keep my earnings from being completer embarrassing.

Another high point is that I was able to drive some traffic to my blog and my Empower Network business.

I expected my earnings to be much higher for the month but my InfoBarrel earnings were much less than last month. Even though my InfoBarrel earnings were sucking for January I continued to keep the faith and added a lot of content to my InfoBarrel account.

This was the last month running my own Adsense on InfoBarrel and now I am running 100% with letting InfoBarrel handle it. If you are new to InfoBarrel then you can go ahead and  sign up to write and you no longer need an Adsense account.

I added 52 articles last month and this month my goal is to add more than that. I have a goal of adding 91 articles to my account this month and that will get me 200 articles. My goal is to get to 3,000 articles and the sooner I do it the better. 

With this website I have many great experiences. InfoBarrel has been great to me and I have faith that it will continue. I had almost 1,000 articles on my old account that I sold and now I have been starting from scratch again here. I am doing this because InfoBarrel is still a great website to earn money with. The money will not come easily because you do have to put in the effort of writing a lot of articles; however, once the money is coming in it will continue to come in regularly. 

Writing InfoBarrel articles is a great way to spend your time instead of wasting it playing games and other worthless activities online. Writing InfoBarrel   will allow you to build up a nice side income over a period of time. The more you write and the faster you build up the number of articles you have here on InfoBarrel then the sooner you can make good money.

I have also begun implementing Amazon products into most of my articles. I am hoping that I can build up by Amazon income to a high amount here on InfoBarrel. I think I simply need to keep building up the traffic to my articles and then once I get enough traffic the Amazon sales will come regularly.

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