I failed miserably in my goal for last month. I had a goal of writing 300 articles with the vast majority of them being for InfoBarrel. I ended up adding only 15 articles to IB and around 30 to my other web properties. This month I will definitely strive to add more articles to InfoBarrel. I did however reach record earnings this month.

During July I earned a total of $150.89 with InfoBarrel. I am glad that I finally cracked the $150.00 mark. I hope to exceed this amount again during August.

Below I have embedded an up to date InfoBarrel earnings chart for my entire time here on InfoBarrel as well as a visual graph. The graph shows earnings in pennies and not dollars, but it shows how far I have came and how much further I need to go to reach the magical $1,000 a month in earnings with IB. All of the numbers below are only for my InfoBarrel earnings and do not include other income.

July 2011 InfoBarrel Earnings for ErnieCredit: Ernie My InfoBarrel Earnings GraphCredit: Ernie

I am still hoping I can begin converting more Amazon sales. Last month I made 3 sales. I sold two lawn chairs from my article Folding Lawn Chairs for Big and Fat People. The chairs were expensive ones. I think that a personally reviewed product can earn a lot with IB. I hope I can continue to make sales off of this article but they came at the beginning of the month and then tapered off.

The folding lawn chairs article helped to propel it into my top earning article for the month when including Amazon revenue, but the list below is my top earning articles from Adsense alone according to my Google Analytics account. 

My Top Earning Adsense Articles for July

1. Make 5000 Dollars per month with InfoBarrel ($9.16)

2. Become a Slot Tech in Las Vegas ($7.87)

3. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters ($4.03)

4. Sleeping Bags for Tall Guys ($3.42)

5. Detractors of InfoBarrel say it is a scam and low paying ($3.18)

6. Las Vegas Deals-Cheap Foods and Free Buffets ($3.16)

7. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players ($3.09)

8. Free Voice to Text Software on My Laptop-Dragon Naturally Speaking Alternative ($3.06)

9. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins ($2.89)

10. How to Buy a Cheap Harley Davidson Motorcycle ($2.47)

If you are new to InfoBarrel and no familar with myself or my style then let me assure you that my earnings per article average is below the average of most writers here on InfoBarrel. I prefer to put out a lot of content and see what becomes popular. If you research keywords, SEO, and backlink then you earnings with 800 articles will probably be much higher than mine are.

This month I will work on adding more content to InfoBarrel. I would like to add at least 100 articles, but we will see how that works out.

Last month I earned $4.80 with my Images. I add images to most of my articles and will continue to do so.  

If you want to read a great article about creating viral articles then read The Anatomy of Viral Content written by Ryan. 

I was the July InfoBarrel Success Story and featured on the InfoBarrel Blog. I learned that my social network on FaceBook does see and sometimes read the articles I have posted links to from FaceBook, yet they rarely if ever comment. In addition to writing more articles this month I will also work to add new friends and contacts to my FaceBook account. If only a small percentage click-thru to an article and then an even smaller amount actually click on an ad the rate of double-click thrus is extremely small, maybe a guesstimate of half a percent. If you have 5,000 friends on FaceBook then this can potentially be guaranteed revenue everytime you post a link to your FaceBook account.