My InfoBarrel Earnings for June
Adsense- $72.65
Chitika. .95 Cents

Total earnings on InfoBarrel for June was $73.60. The previous month of May I earned a total of $69.80 so my monthly earnings once again were higher. Not by much, but my earnings did increase.

My writing earnings for last month outside of InfoBarrel were around $400. I have been writing a lot more for up front payment so I can quit my 9-5 job.

I have not been very active lately on InfoBarrel but I will continue to contribute new articles. I still want to reach 1,500 articles total on InfoBarrel by the end of the year.

I had one 7 day period last month where I earned over $30.00.

My top 5 articles that earned the most money in June were:
Sleeping bags For Tall Guys $4.58
Become a Slot Tech in Las Vegas $4.01
5 Week InfoBarrel Update
Make 5000 Dollars A Month with InfoBarrel $3.23
How You Can Help InfoBarrel Increase Its Alexa Ranking $3.11

My Top 5 Articles in June with the most page views were:
10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players
Large Capacity Fuel Tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters
Free Afghan Crochet Patterns
Honda Rebel VS Suzuki TU50
All Day Long Buffets in Las Vegas

My Top 5 Keywords for June
Big breasted tennis pro
All Day Buffets Las Vegas 2010
Las Vegas All Day Buffets 2010
InfoBarrel Earnings

I had a total of 60 articles that earned money on InfoBarrel last month. 14 of these articles earned more than a $1.00.

I was shocked that I still have not hit the $100 a month club yet with InfoBarrel. Since I am not targeting keywords very often I simply need to write a lot more articles for InfoBarrel.

Today the Alexa ranking for InfoBarrel is 7,686. I am excited to see how the Alexa ranking keeps getting lower each month as traffic continues to increase on InfoBarrel.

I only added 19 new articles to InfoBarrel last month. I seriously need to increase this amount. I am soon going to be writing full time. I will be busy writing and camping! Even though I will be busy writing for up front money I will continue to write for InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel provides a nice residual stream of income. Without ever writing for InfoBarrel again I will continue to earn at least $800-$850 dollars a year. I know the more I add articles to my InfoBarrel account then the more residual earnings I will have.

Travis_Aitch earned $77.00 last month beating me by $3.40. The big thing to note though is Travis_Aitch has a lot less articles than me. Travis is picking great keywords and using some SEO skill and I tend to just write without thinking too hard about the keywords or SEO.

For the rest of this month I will only be submitting a few articles to InfoBarrel. Once I get everything set up for writing full time at home I will begin writing and submitting more articles for InfoBarrel.

My focus is to be writing for up front payment as that is allowing me to quit my job and work from my couch but I will continue to build my residual income by writing for InfoBarrel.