I earned a total of $127.33 with InfoBarrel during June 2011. My highest earning day was over $10.00 and my worst earnings day was under .50 cents. My earnings were all over the place last month. I am now implementing the Image strategy by ChezFat into each of my new articles and will slowly add it to some of my older articles.

My media/images pages earned myself $4.54 during the month. I have always added images to many of my articles, but I think that the image linking method from ChezFat will be able to help me increase my earnings each month.

Here are some random stats from Analytics about InfoBarrel Adsense earnings last month.

  • I earned Money on 173 articles
  • My top earning article was the lawn chairs for fat people which I published on the first of last month. This article appears to be a “cherry article” in which I will continue to earn a few bucks on it each month, of course it may only be cherry during the summer months.
  • I had 25 articles that earned at least $1.00 each.
  • 11 articles earned over $2.00.
  • 4 Articles over $3.00
  • And 1 article over $4.00

My actual stats are probably a little higher as my Adsense account shows higher earnings then my Analytics account, but the Analytics info is a great way to track your approximate earnings per article.

My daily InfoBarrel earnings chart on Analytics looked like a Tour De France stage with some days having high climbs and other days short bursts of tiny hills followed by huge declines.

My predictions pretty much suck, but I do expect to have my best earnings month ever with Adsense on InfoBarrel during July. I attribute this to the fact I will add a lot of new articles to InfoBarrel this month. I have a goal target of $150.00 for July InfoBarrel earnings.

My main focus this month will be for building my residual income. I have a goal of 300 articles written this month. I will write 300 articles and either place them on InfoBarrel or one of my other websites. I will do very little up-front payment writing this month and instead focus on increasing my passive income sources.

I need to write an average of 10 articles per day this month. This is actually a decrease from what I have written in other months, the difference being that I am only writing for myself and not for clients or websites such as TextBroker.

In addition to writing a lot of articles for InfoBarrel and my other websites I need to also figure out how to make better use of my Authors signature box. During June I used a link for information on the Google Chromebooks with my Amazon affiliate code embedded in. I definitely increased my clicks to Amazon, but obviously my conversion rate sucked as I only earned .48 cents with Amazon.

The .48 cents earned with Amazon was for the sale of a Kindle EBook. I am happy with the .48 cents as it was my second highest earning month with Amazon. It was in fact only the second month I have ever earned money with Amazon. Amazon holds a lot of potential, I just have not been able to utilize it to its’ fullest potential yet. Amazon and other affiliate marketing can actually earn you much more than your Adsense earnings. I know this is possible, but I am not the guy to tell you how to do it yet.

I will keep trekking on my way towards 4,000 articles on InfoBarrel. Each month I get closer, but I still have a long ways to go.

I really enjoy the community we have built here at InfoBarrel and the many great members we have. I have however noticed a trend where there are very active members here who are very “high profiled” and well known and then they disappear. Periodically they may stop in to say hi, but are not as active as they were before. Why do you think this is? Is it that they are burned out? Have they gone “Panda Hunting?” and are simply working more on their own blogs?

InfoBarrel Earnings Chart JuneIn the pastCredit: Ernie

I use to put my top earning articles for the month in a list in my monthly earnings report. I quit doing that, but this month I am going to go ahead and put in my top 10 earning articles for last month. This will show new people that are not familiar with me what topics are earning the most money for me.

If you want to write on similar topics I encourage you to. These have been great earners overall for myself and when a writer writes on a similar topic, all of our work is linked to each other. It truly benefits everybody.

My Top Earning Articles For June

  1. Folding Lawn Chairs for Big Tall and Fat People
  2. Make 5000 Dollars per Month with InfoBarrel
  3. Free Voice to Text Software on My Laptop-Dragon Naturally Speaking Alternative
  4. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters
  5. Las Vegas Deals-Cheap Foods and Free Buffets
  6. Heroin in Southern Idaho
  7. Courier Jobs in Las Vegas Nevada
  8. Best Tires for a Sports Car- High Performance Tires for Year Round Use
  9. Become a Slot Tech in Las Vegas
  10. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins

 These were the top earning articles for me during June. Out of my top 25 earning articles the majority of them seem to deal with making money online, Las Vegas, motorcycles, and top lists. Top list articles are ones such as my Top 25 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in America. Top lists can be done in various formats, but have the potential to draw a lot of traffic, especially if it goes viral.

 Some of my travel articles earn money, but the vast majority of my travel articles earn little to no money. The exception for me though is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is golden when it comes to earning money with Adsense. Some of my Las Vegas articles have been flops, but many of them successfully earn their fair share each month.