November was my second best month on InfoBarrel. I turned to the chart format to track my earnings. When I was building my InfoBarrel earnings chart I realized I had used the wrong figure for my Chitika earnings for prior months. I had been running the report, but not clicking on "total earnings" which includes earnings from international traffic. I went through and got the correct number for all the prior months. The chart below is an accurate portrayal of my InfoBarrel earnings since I began writing for InfoBarrel.

I published my very first article on InfoBarrel on November 20th, 2009. I only managed to earn .27 cents that first month, but it was only for 10 days. My earnings have increased drastically since my first month as a member of this site, yet it is still not to the point I want it to be.

For December my primary goal is to try and get my article total to 600 articles.

InfoBarrel Earnings Chart (33779)

My 5 Highest Earning Days with Adsense on InfoBarrel for November:

  1. $8.47
  2. $7.96
  3. $7.66
  4. $6.97
  5. $5.18

My Top 10 Articles With the Most Pageviews During November:

My Top 10 Articles with the most Earnings During November

Out of all my articles I actually earned money on 94 of them. 27 of my articles earned over a $1.00.