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This is my first month writing for InfoBarrel and so far its been a lot of fun.  I started my review blog a year ago and then recently writing online as a way to get back to writing.  My real life job had kind of sucked the fun out of it for me.  InfoBarrel is helping to add the fun back in.

November Progress

Earned: $5.74 from Google Adsense

Articles Written: 24

Contest Points: 22


JiffyArticles (aff link).  This is a new service that I found when it was in beta and that I paid for at a reduced annual price because I was a beta user before it went public.  The current price for Jiffy Articles is $127 per year ($10.58 a month, ya'll) and members have access to a collection of over 5,000 article templates (and growing) on many subjects.  With the Jiffy Articles templates, I can punch out a 400+ word article in 15-30 minutes depending on how well I know the topic or how long I'm making the piece.  For me, the writing is easy.  Choosing a topic and organizing my material is difficult and these templates eliminate those problems.  I plan to generate lots of articles with the Jiffy Articles templates.

StumbleUpon, a randomized search engine where links can go viral if all of the right elements are in place (stay tuned for a series of articles on StumbleUpon, peeps).  While the majority of my articles that got stumbled range from 10 views to 300, one article, Tips for Getting Motivated in the Morning, went viral and to date has received more than 10,000 views.  This is where most of my Adsense revenue above came from.

Over time, as I build up a body of work here on InfoBarrel, I expect to use StumbleUpon less and Jiffy Articles more.


  • Writing pieces specifically for the December editorial calendar.  Looking forward to seeing if any of my articles get featured on the front page for December and if that plum space generates much income for me.
  • Working towards specific goal badges.  It was a fun way to keep myself motivated to work on more articles, post to the forums and comment on interesting work I read on InfoBarrel.

Some things I'm planning for December:

Sign up for Chitika.  I have only seen a few numbers for Chitika but that is still money I'm leaving on the table so I need to get that going.

Customize my user page here on InfoBarrel as well as the bios that appear with my articles.  The way they are now is just . . . blah.

Link my relevant articles to each other on InfoBarrel.  Internal links are always a good thing.

Double my InfoBarrel income and increase my revenue share by at least 10%.  I imagine the income goal will be easy for now.  Depending on what the December contest looks like, I may have to write longer articles to earn points and, while it would be great to win a writing contest, I would be accumulating points to work towards a larger revenue share on those articles.

Overall, I like writing for InfoBarrel.  The community is open and generous here plus the writing platform is easy for me to navigate (writing for websites with "modules"? not so much.).  The site owners seem to be committed to publishing quality material on IB and upgrading the site to make the experience richer for writers and readers.  

If you would like to make money writing for Infobarrel, sign up here.

See you next month!

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