The only reason I made less this month on InfoBarrel is because I did not get an affiliate sale like last month. My Adsense income was higher this month, and as long as I keep increasing the amount of Adsense I am earning I am happy.

My total earnings for last month with InfoBarrel was $113.34. $108.80 of this was Adsense. Last month I earned $101.96 with Adsense so I increased my InfoBarrel Adsense earnings by $6.84.

The residual earnings aspect if InfoBarrel is pretty cool. I will continue to earn over $100 a month with InfoBarrel even if I do now write any more articles. I will however eventually get back on track and add more articles to InfoBarrel.

My 5 Highest Earning Days With Adsense

  • $10.91
  • $8.07
  • $5.82
  • $5.15
  • $5.04

My Top 10 Articles With the Most Pageviews

My Top 10 Articles with the most Earnings

My Top 5 Keywords

  • Suzuki TU 250
  • TU250
  • InfoBarrel
  • Pre Built Cabins
  • Info Barrel