I had my best month yet on InfoBarrel. I finally broke into the $100 a month club and I am on track to break $100 again this month.

My earnings from InfoBarrel for September:

  • Adsense $101.96- I also have more Adsense earnings but am only sharing my InfoBarrel Earnings.
  • Chitika- $5.80
  • Amazon- $0.00
  • Affiliate Sales-$20.00

I earned a total of $127.76 from InfoBarrel. I am excited because my InfoBarrel Adsense earnings were over $100, the Chitika and affiliate sale was a nice bonus. The most clicks I had on Adsense on Infobarrel in one day was 22.

My highest single earng day occured when I earned $24.82. That includes Adsense, Chitika, and affiliate sales.

I also had my highest Adsense only earnings days on InfoBarrel.

My 5 Highest Earning Days With Adsense (No Chitika or Affiliate Added in)

  • $10.65
  • $7.78
  • $6.18
  • $6.11
  • $5.82

My Top 10 Articles with the Most PageViews

  1. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players
  2. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month with InfoBarrel
  3. Large Capacity fuel Tanks For Harley Davidson Sportsters
  4. Honda Rebel vs Suzuki TU250
  5. Free Afghan Crochet Patterns
  6. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins
  7. 2010 Harley Davidson Motorcycles Buyers Guide
  8. Mini Log Cabin Kits
  9. Top 8 Time Travel Comedy Movies
  10. All Day Long Buffets in Las Vegas

My Top 10 Articles with the most Earnings

  1. Become a Slot Tech in Las Vegas $8.38
  2. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month with InfoBarrel $4.58
  3. Mini Log Cabin Kits $4.35
  4. All Day Long Buffets in Las Vegas $4.27
  5. Cheerleading Merchandise $3.45
  6. Cheap Scrubs With free Shipping $3.41
  7. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins $3.20
  8. Las Vegas Deals- Cheap Foods and Free Buffets $2.87
  9. Log Cabin Layaway $2.71
  10. Starting a Junk Car Removal Business $2.62

My Top 5 Keywords

  1. Suzuki TU250
  2. Caroline Wozniacki Breast Reduction
  3. TU250
  4. InfoBarrel
  5. Info Barrel

So far this month I am on track to make at least what I did last month. I hope to be able to make more. I am predicting I will make about $145.00 this month on InfoBarrel.

if you are not already a member you can sign up for InfoBarrel for free.