• Chitika $13.92
  • Adsense 136.61
  • Total $150.53

I earned a total of $150.53 with InfoBarrel last month. I earned $30.23 less than last month. The month started off extremely strong and then suddenly dropped off. I did not even write enough for IB to earn the bonus share in ad impressions for this month. I only write 6 articles for InfoBarrel last month.  I did keep busy with my KeyWord Academy site.

This month I will continue to focus on my niche site, write a few articles for InfoBarrel, and work on a new Ecommerce site I am doing with a partner of mine.

I have no predictions for my InfoBarrel Monthly earnings for this month. I have now earned over $2,133.00 total with InfoBarrel since I began writing here.

I had a total of 228 articles earn money last month. My top earning article earned me $9.77 according to analytics. I had 31 articles that earned at least $1.00.

I will continue to write articles for InfoBarrel and my own niche site. I know that as long as I keep adding more articles to InfoBarrel and my niche site my earnings will eventually reach the level I want them at.

I think it is so cool that looking at my Google Analytics there were more visitors using the Firefox browser then Explorer.

Top Browsers to my InfoBarrel Articles:

  1. Firefox: 28.42%
  2. Internet Explorer: 27.04%
  3. Chrome: 21.54%
  4. Safari: 15.62%
  5. Android Browser: 4.46%

Looking at how many visitors I had using the mobile Android Browser I think the InfoBarrel Admin should begin building a mobile app to make reading, commenting on the articles and forums easier for people who use the Android browser on their cell phone. Of course a lot of those Android Browser surfers were probably using PDA NET to tether their Android phone for free to their computer.

If you need pics for you InfoBarrel articles or blog then feel free to use any of the pics on my Flickr account. Not the best pics, but there is a wide variety of them and I will be uploading many more this month. If you use them on InfoBarrel you don’t even need to provide a credit.

This month I will be writing a lot for my niche site, working on a new ecommerce site with a partner, and adding some more articles to InfoBarrel.

My Monthly earnings With InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel Monthly Earnings

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