Inspired by the skillful writing and dedication of prominent, longterm, Info Barrel user 'jcmayer777', I have decided to formulate my own "My Info Barrel Experience" article. Similar to his, I hope to update this article, with each month, in an attempt to convey not only my own experience with Info Barrel, but what I think is realistic for new and old members, alike, to expect from Info Barrel in terms of monetary success. If any of my other articles are any indicator, I have, admittedly, developed somewhat of a very strong bias in favor of the Info Barrel platform. In fact, now that I've been exposed to the great customer service and awesome earning potential of Info Barrel, I really have difficulty recommending any other platform for others.

In previous Info Barrel articles, I have taken it upon myself to personally go so far as to deconstruct everything from the business model to the terms of service, and general article submission guidelines, of other similar 'competitive' article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms. I really have a difficult time spending time writing elsewhere, especially when it is very evident to me that Info Barrel could very well be one of the most prominent platforms, in this industry, in just a few short months. To me, even though my articles haven't started out making a ton of money, I see my Info Barrel experience similar to how jcmayer777 (Jason) views his experience: as somewhat of an investment that's destined to experience much greater success in accordance with Info Barrel's own growth.

To distraught writers, who are only experiencing very little daily/monthly Google Adsense revenue share, I sincerely hope that you will decide to give Info Barrel a chance. While there is never any real guarantee that an article will earn, realistically speaking, you should be able to achieve upwards of about $1.50 per article, per month. Of course, there are many variables that could make one particular article earn much more, or much less, than another. I have been fortunate enough to become involved in an eBook project, with jcmayer777, that will have many 'complementary' guides that will actually go on to address particular issues that may cause an article to earn a lot, or earn only a very little.

In the meantime, I strongly believe that, if current trending is any indicator, that Info Barrel could very well be one of the foremost leaders in this market. Their general way of 'doing business' has far exceeded my expectations, and has made other similar platforms pale in comparison. In fact, Info Barrel's dedication to their users through superior communication, customer service, and transparency, I strongly believe, is destined to propel them to the front of this industry. While your articles may not make quite as much money as you had hoped for them to make now, as Info Barrel continues to gain favor and authority in prominent search engines, like Google, I strongly believe those writers who were wise enough to start investing their time and effort into Info Barrel now, will reap the benefits through a very longterm and viable passive revenue stream.

My trust in the Info Barrel platform has also been further reinforced by emails and conversations that I have had with it's extremely accessible owners, Ryan and Kevin (and, I believe, there is another 'Ryan' involved). With great previous success, as a rather fervent critic of similar competitive platforms, Info Barrel, so far, in my opinion, has done many things 'right'. If they continue to adhere to the same principles that made them successful in their infancy, I forsee an extremely popular platform emerging that will become the source of awesome passive income for many writers worldwide.

About Me:

For one, I am never short winded. Like jcmayer777, I come from humble beginnings, and discovered Info Barrel through a link that was being promoted over on the eHow forum. Disgruntled by the many user glitches, as well as, the unfortunate lack of transparency in both user submission guidelines and earnings, I thought that I would give Info Barrel a shot. What I immediately encountered shocked me, and the great customer service and accessibility of the owners really solidified my loyalty to Info Barrel.

Once I felt very confident, and comfortable, that Info Barrel wouldn't be doing massive site-wide 'article sweeps' (like eHow), I really felt that I could safely invest my hard work and effort into this platform, and have it respected in the long term. I was particularly pleased by the 10-article manual review submission process. While some may just want their articles to appear on the Info Barrel website immediately after submission, this requirement actually, in my opinion, serves the collective community in a very great way. This requirement gives the owners at least some say in the quality of article that they hope to achieve on Info Barrel. It also gives them an opportunity to become familiar with a writer, way beyond their simple avatar.

Unfortunately, while a requirement like this may come under intense scrutiny, it is extremely telling that Info Barrel has yet to have to subject itself to massive, site-wide, article sweeps that seem to frustrate other platform's most loyal and passionate writers. This great display of respect, I feel, will establish Info Barrel as a great trusted passive income avenue that thousands of writers will take advantage of in the upcoming months/years.

Behind my vague cartoonish avatar, I am a newly commissioned U.S. Army officer. I joined the army almost immediately after 9/11, and have been a soldier ever since. Whether in training, or writing for Info Barrel, I take great pride in the things I do. I work very hard to 'leave my mark' on things, while also ensuring that I do what I can to help others succeed. While I have written tons of articles about little tips and tricks I have used to gain traffic to, and earn greater Google adsense revenue on, my Info Barrel articles, the next logical progression was to team up with jcmayer777 to consolidate many of our thoughts and successes into an Info Barrel eBook.

Computer Knowledge:

While I don't consider myself a 'guru' in all the many different computer languages, I do have basic experience with CSS and html. What I have learned, I have taught myself through reading books, and doing occasional Google searches. One great thing about Info Barrel is that you don't have to be particular skilled in computer coding to make an honest, reasonable, passive income stream through Info Barrel. In fact, jcmayer777 admittedly reveals that he is no computer wizard, however, what he has taught himself, he has been able to leverage to generate a great passive income stream for both himself and for his family.


I pride myself on the knowledge and experience I have gained, over the last few months, in testing and exploring different ways one can utilize various forms of social media to interchangeably promote themselves, their business, their articles, and anything else they hope to promote. From Facebook to Twitter and Linkdin, Web 2.0 platforms have been great in providing people with an opportunity to essentially brand themselves, and spread word of their message. While I have already written many Info Barrel articles about how I utilize Facebook to promote and gain traffic to my Info Barrel articles, in our comprehensive eBook, I have been synthesizing many external sources to show Info Barrel members how they can REALLY use Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (just to name a few) to gain increased traffic, and revenue, to their articles. While some methods may require a little creativity, others can be implemented right away.

How I Make Money Writing on Info Barrel:

While I haven't quite established myself with the earnings that jcmayer777 can humbly boast of, I do think that I have made some tremendous progress in building my earnings since I started writing here in roughly September 2009. Another aspect that I absolutely love about the Info Barrel platform is the opportunity to actually earn in a variety of ways. For those who think that Google Adsense is your only way to earn here, they are missing many other important avenues that I have actually been covering in much greater detail in our eBook. From generating a rather massive following of dedicated referrals, to integrating affiliate links, there are many different ways that Info Barrel members can earn if you put your creativity and ingenuity to the test.

November 2009:

While my first submitted article, after manual review, was on August 30th, 2009, I will begin this journal account here. This month, I am slowly, yet surely, approaching 180 Info Barrel articles. My articles tend to take quite a while to write because I constantly try to make them over 1,000+ words. I do this because, in my experience, search engines tend to like longer articles better, plus, Info Barrel actually gives 5 points for each article written over 1,000+ words. To me, it's just easier to write a small handful of very long articles, rather than a huge lump of articles with very few words. Of course, this is ultimately up to the individual writer.

I admit, I did make some mistakes early on in my Info Barrel Experience that destined many of my articles to not really earn very much. While it's difficult to track exactly which articles get Google Adsense 'clicks' and make you money, I do strongly believe that my last 20 article probably make more than my first 150-160 articles combined. Unlike jcmayer777, I guess I was a bit of a 'slow learner' when it came to structuring my articles specifically to gaining traffic and favor in the search engines. In hindsight, I can see that what one may claim as an amazing article, may actually make little to no revenue. By using tons of the WRONG words, although I strongly felt that my articles were very well written, I was neglecting some fundamental aspects of article writing that caused my most recent articles to earn quite a bit more than my first 150-160 articles combined.

With this eBook, I really hope that I can help other Info Barrel members avoid going down the road I did.

It was truly disheartening to have written so many Info Barrel articles, yet, when I went to my Google Adsense account, I had very little to show for it. It took a lot of learning, on my part, but once I began to recognize the fundamental flaws in my articles, I was able to immediately address them and begin earning almost overnight. I went from earning near nothing with 100+ articles, to pushing $3-$5/daily, which is equivalent to about $90-$150 extra a month now. This doesn't account for other solid passive revenue sources that I have already worked hard to establish on similar platforms, like Squidoo.

While this doesn't near equate to what many other writers are making, the truth is, Info Barrel is still in its infancy and is gaining authority and ranking quickly. I do predict that my earnings will increase substantially in the coming months. Jcmayer777, so far, appears to be the ultimate case study in support of Info Barrel. He has managed to accumulate some great monthly earnings that many Info Barrel members can't help but be inspired by. When I came across his "My Info Barrel Experience" article, that really gave me great motivation to really push myself and my abilities on Info Barrel. He probably doesn't realize it, but I know that alot of Info Barrel writers look up to him and see him as somewhat of an 'expert'/'authority' because he has won so many contests, has published so many articles, and has really encountered great success already in the realm of monthly earnings. He proves that anyone on Info Barrel can do it, and in the upcoming months, I definitely look forward to reading more and more of his writing.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....