Broken Patella PictureBreak a leg lately?  I did.

That was pretty awful and it really ate into my productivity during a lot of the month although recently I’ve been getting back to work even though I can’t barely get out of bed.  Talk about residual income, I continued to make money here on IB during my 2-week hiatus here on IB when I couldn’t focus or work much at all.

Funny month to take a personal hit too because so many people suffered through the “Panda Update’ which I referred to as the “Farmer’s Update” back in my last Income Report.  After many people had problems with February a lot of people had trouble with March too but I continued to see improvement month over month with Adsense (albeit small) and a slight decline in other residuals despite it all.

Outside of my slowed work pace during the middle of the month I focused here on InfoBarrel and get myself into the 85 percent earnings tier by getting to 31 points for the month.  Most of my publications this month went to two projects, the promotion of my new website on Diabetic Shoe Information and my older articles on travel mugs which is the basis of my Making Money On InfoBarrel with Amazon case study.

If you recall in my last report on my travel mug project my main travel mug article made roughly $45 over the course of February on Amazon alone.  I was promoting it with backlinks heavily through guestposting on PostRunner predominantly but by early March the article fell out of the primary index and is now in the supplemental index – in search it can’t be found without searching for it and adding “infobarrel” to the end of the search string.  This is annoying because the article now only gets referral traffic rather than organic search traffic so its earnings have dropped quite a bit.

Even still that article has made $14.65 via Amazon this month with even more coming from Adsense and Chitika.  My other supporting articles have also made some money so the entire project us still doing well despite my main article’s rankings; I just look forward to the main article jumping back into the normal search results – this month maybe? To help coax this into happening I’m backlinking the article a little more, trying to index more of the older links, and promoting some of the other links which are a little higher in quality in my opinion.  We’ll see how it goes.

Because my main Amazon article is ranking poorly right now my overall Amazon earnings this month dropped but my Adsense earnings overall made up for the drop.  Some of the earnings were a result of new articles added in the last two weeks of the month and my overall earnings pace (at least for Adsense) was remarkably similar for the second half of the month compared to the first half.  The first half of the month I was earning $15.01 a day on Adsense and the second half of the month I made an average of $15.71 per day.

As I mentioned earlier many of my publications this month were promoting my new niche site and that site did nicely.  If you are interested in reading more on that I go into more detail on that site on my blog.  I also added five or six articles to another IB account here which also earned around $6 for me this month.  All in all many of my publications were designed to promote other things but they all made some money on their own.

How do I do this?  I go for long tail keywords centered around product related terms.  I also write a group of articles on the same or very similar topics and interlink them all together.  I then backlink my IB articles usually on at least SheToldMe and InfoPirate, PostRunner, or other blogs.  It doesn’t take much if the keywords are long tail enough and you have multiple articles on the topic.

Don’t just write an article on “which area rug should I buy”, write 10 articles on “which area rug pad for hardwood floor should I buy” or “is area rug pudding necessary” or “why thick area rug padding is worth buying”.  Things like that – narrow your topic down.

Seriously though, you have to backlink your articles.  You have to do some off-site backlinking and some on-site backlinks.  That’s why you need to write your articles in groups so that you can send some good internal links at all your articles.  And when you backlink them off site do it from pages that are substantially using the same title.  And when you publish your article make sure you use a lot of terms throughout your articles which are valid search strings themselves.  And when you publish make sure you add an H2 tag in the middle of your article which includes a good related keyword. And when you publish make sure you use very topical and long-tail keywords as your tags. 

So How Did I Do? I made good money.  I didn’t make more here in March than I did the month prior in February but most of this is because my best earning IB article got a lot less page views than the month prior.  This wasn’t due to the Panda Update either, just due to a product fad fading.  My backlinks from other sites to IB also helped me make good money on those other sites as well as here on IB… and here on IB my CTR and eCPM stayed very consistent MOM; overall things were very solid.

infobarrel logo(46493)In March 2011 on InfoBarrel alone and on the backing of 337 non-charity articles I made:

Adsense: $488.45 (+6.6 percent MOM)

Chitika: $73.39 (-2.4 percent MOM)

Amazon: $53.22 (-38.1 percent MOM)

Total: $615.28 (-0.7 percent MOM)

Overall this was good and I’m very happy.  I do wish my earnings per article would improve but many of my early articles are very poor earners.  I’m talking most of my articles pre-dating July 2010 which were written strictly for backlinks and with little regard to their earning potential. Wish I could take those back.

 I also wish I could made some more headway into Chitika, this seems to be the one area that was affected by IB’s layout change in February as my impressions continue to increase but earnings have dropped consistently since the layout change.  Not to worry though as this is not a priority but merely a supplemental income next to Adsense and Amazon and another affiliate network which I swear I’m going to incorporate into IB earnings this month.  Gotta get to that.

When looking at my entire network across the board my earnings were as good as they’ve ever been, although slightly less than Feb as one of my personal websites declined in revenue MOM significantly.  I am now looking to make more online than at my day job sometime later this year – I look forward to that and I truly hope you get there sometime soon too – I know it’s possible.  Luckily my wife is in wonderment at what I’m doing on the interwebs so I’ve got her approval and support. :) Good luck all.

If you haven’t seen it you are always welcome to take a look at my master InfoBarrel Income Report which provides a brief summary of all my months here on InfoBarrel.  My Income report on my Diabetic Shoes niche blog can also be found on my blog if you are interested in seeing that as well.  I also have more articles written on how to use InfoBarrel better which can be found on my profile page… and if you haven’t yet tried InfoBarrel I suggest you do so today.  Use InfoBarrel to make your main online income or use it to support your other projects.  This site is versatile – make use of it.