When you begin writing articles for InfoBarrel your earnings will be low. The more you write the more you can earn but it takes time for your articles to age. I have had article that got a click or two as soon as they were published and nothing since. I also have some articles that did not get any Adsense clicks for 2 months and then there was suddenly some clicks.

I followed some advice from x3xsolxdierx3x on how to find some underused keywords and making writing an article targeting the long tailed keyword. I did this for two articles and received no Adsense clicks. About 2 months after I published thees two articles I began to receive multiple Adsense clicks. Each day I have been getting at least one click on each article for about two weeks now. Both articles are in the same niche and related. One of the articles has a lot more clicks then the other but the article with the lesser amount of clicks has earned more.

If you follow the advice of SEO experts here on InfoBarrel your work will pay off. I know this method works and will continue to use it...occasionally. My goal is to write 1500 articles for InfoBarrel and make some money off of Adsense and Chitika. I am so far taking the shotgun approach. Sometimes I write an article simply so I can target a long tailed keyword but usually I just write whatever comes to my mind.

If I wrote simply for SEO I would get bored writing. I like to take the approach of writing a huge amount of articles about whatever comes to my mind and then gathering up all of the odds and ends search engine traffic.

Over the last 30 days I have over 5,000 page views on my articles on InfoBarrel. Each day I see my page views for the past 30 days increasing each day. As long as I keep writing articles my page views will increase. I have got behind on the number of articles I have wrote for Infobarrel. I need to spend a week pushing real hard and writing a lot of new articles for InfoBarrel so I can stay on track to write 1,500 articles for InfoBarrel by the end of the year.

If I could simply lock myself up in a small room and be left alone I could write so much more. I think I know why Mark Twain traveled so much. It gave him the opportunity to see new things to invigorate his writing and also he was able to allow himself ample time to write.

When I go to bed at night I am always thinking about writing for InfoBarrel. When I look at houses for sale or am window shopping at new Nikes online I always translate the products cost into how many page views I need. If I am currently averaging $7.00 per thousand page views then I know that on order to buy the new Nikes I need to get 10,714 page views. I do this with a lot of stuff. Each day I can tell you what my current CPM is for the day, yesterday, the past week, and since I began for Infobarrel. I also know my CPM for Adsense and Chitika earnings combined.

I am not focusing on a really high CPM. If I was I would be doing more SEO. I am simply focused on writing 1,500 articles for InfoBarrel. At 1,500 articles I could be making some good money. Lets low ball the earnings. Assuming each article averaged 3 hits per day that would be 4,500 hits day. At $7.00 CPM I would be making $31.50 per day. That's about $11,500 per year. That is a a lot of New Nikes for me!

I Now have 197 articles in my InfoBarrel folio and I have 5,179 page views over the past 30 days. Doing a little math and taking my target number of articles which is 1,500, dividing that number by the number of article I have now, and multiplying that by my page views for the past 30 days and then multiplying by my current CPM I can see I will make around $280.00 a month with 1,500 articles. However, I know I will earn much more than that because as my articles age I tend to get more clicks on my Adsense ads. If I run the same number but only include the articles I wrote last December and January then my earnings are much higher as is my CPM.

The two things I need to do are to continue writing articles for Infobarrel and to continue writing more articles for InfoBarrel. The sooner I write and publish an article then the sooner it ages and the more I will earn and the sooner I will earn more.

The article that has the most page views in the last 30 days is my article on Large Capacity Fuel tanks For Harley Davidson Sportsters. In the last 30 days it has received 341 page views. In the first 30 days it was published the article did not recieve near as many hits. In the last two weeks I have got a lot of search engine traffic for this article.

In fact almost all of my articles have received more page views in the last 30 days then they did the 30 days prior. If the articles continue to get more page views after they have aged awhile then I will be sitting pretty good a few months after I reach 1,500 articles on Infobarrel. I will probably be sitting pretty once I reach 1,000 articles but I will continue on to 1,500 articles. I can see no reason why 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel will not earn me a very nice check each month.

Of all my articles only 29 of them have earned money in the last 30 days from Adsense clicks. 2 of them however have received over 10 clicks each and many of the others that did receive clicks have received more than one click. I know I will not earn off of each article I write however the majority of my articles have received at least on click since they were originally published. Even if an article sits stagnate for a few months it will eventually get a click. I had one article that I had not got a click on for a long time and yesterday I got one click on it and the click was just under $2.00 for that single click.

I probably will not reach $50.00 in earnings on InfoBarrel this month but next month I am confident I will make over $50.00.