December 2009 was my first full month as a writer for InfoBarrel. During the month of December I earned around $19.00. I can not disclose the exact amount as per Adsense TOS.

Other InfoBarrel Stats For My Articles as measured by Google Analytics.

Unique Visitors-1,928

Page Views -2,785

I want to get my page views up to around 3,000 per day. I am about 1/30th of the way there so I need to keep writing and Tweeting.

5Most Popular Articles for page views As Measured By Analytics
  1. 12 Best Christmas Movies For Families
  2. People Who Will Have A Not So Merry Christmas
  3. Famous People Who Were Born On Christmas
  4. 10 Cool Christmas Gifts That Will Make You The Coolest Dad Ever
  5. Make 5,000 Dollars Per Month With InfoBarrel

As may of you know it's not always the most popular articles that will make you the most money. Here are my top 5 InfoBarrel articles for December ranked by how much each article made

  1. 5 Places to Visit in Southern Idaho in and Near the Magic Valley
  2. Breast Augmentations For Firmer and Fuller Breasts
  3. Why You Should Move Your Bukisa Articles to InfoBarrel
  4. 12 Best Christmas Movies For Families
  5. 3 Rarely Known Facts About the Idaho State Bengals Mens Basketball Team

I had 6 Articles that Made over a $1.00 each

3 of those articles made over $2.00 each

I would love to be able to track how much each of my articles are earning each month but I am rapidly running out of channels on Adsense. By the end of this month I will be out of channels and will no longer be able to track all of my new individual article earnings.

The top referring sites for me in December were:

  1. Google: The top referring site by a million miles
  2. Direct/None: Direct type in maybe my links?
  3. Twitter: I got 396n Followers and Growing!
  4. AOL: A miniscule number of visitors compared to Google but every little bit helps.
  5. Reddit: I have never been able to successfully use Reddit with other websites. I did very little with Reddit and was surprised by the results. I will try to use Reddit more this month. I think Reddit has a lot of potential to drive traffic to InfoBarrel articles.

I found many cool items by looking at my Google Analytics account and seeing where some of my traffic came from.

I Even Cats Like InfoBarrelreceived a blog mention from CreditKarma with a nice link back to the article I wrote about CreditKarma.

73 Percent of my traffic came from Search Engines. The 6 search engines that sent traffic to my Infobarrel articles were:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Search
  • Ask
  • Bing

Google alone sent 92.31 percent of all of the search engine traffic.

On December 31st I got my first referral to InfoBarrel.

This article will be my 96th article published on InfoBarrel. My goal is still too have 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of the year. My articles I published last month was a very wide selection. From Breast Swelling, Mesothelioma, Las Vegas articles, and many others. That is the great thing about InfoBarrel is you can write about almost anything.

Photo Credit: (Flickr/turtlemom4bacon)