My InfoBarrel earnings For July

Adsense- $66.19

Chitika- .93 cents

I earned a total of $67.12 from InfoBarrel during the month of July. The prior month I had earned a total of $73.60 so my earnings did dip down. This month is not looking too hot for earnings either but I expect it too jump up during September. I have added some new articles and September also seems to generate more Adsense income then the summer months.

My Top 5 Articles That Earned the Most In July were:

  1. Become A Slot Tech In Las Vegas ($5.82)
  2. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month With InfoBarrel ($5.21)
  3. Las Vegas Deals- Cheap Food and free Buffets ($3.94)
  4. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins ($3.45)
  5. Starting Your own Skating Rink ($2.38)

My Top 5 Articles in July With the most pageviews were:

  1. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Stars (506 Pageviews)
  2. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks For Harley Davidson Sportsters (384 Pageviews)
  3. Free Afghan Crochet Patterns (358 Pageviews)
  4. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month With InfoBarrel (277 Pageviews)
  5. Las Vegas Deals- Cheap Foods and Free Buffets (270 Pageviews)

My Top 5 Keywords for July were:

  1. TU250
  2. Suzuki TU250
  3. All Day Buffet Las Vegas 2010
  4. Big Breasted Tennis Pro
  5. Sexy Female Tennis Players

I will be extremely busy for the rest of this month and next writing for upfront payments but I just added around 40 new articles to my InfoBarrel account. These new articles should help ensure that my InfoBarrel earnings increase during September.

August is looking real bleak so far but I may finish strongly.

I was extremely late posting myearnings report but I hope to get the next Infobarrel earnings report posted sooner.

I had 17 articles that earned a $1.00 or more. I had 65 articles in total that earned money on InfoBarrel. I will continue to add some more articles to InfoBarrel and am looking forward to earning moreduring September.