I published my first article on January 4th and had already been approved on Adsense due to an old un used blogger account. After adding Adsense I added Chitika and joined Amazon Affiliates.

At the time of this writing I only have four articles written and one article pending. The editing team has a very high standard for excellence which has been my number one challenge while writing for InfoBarrel.

january income report

I got 88 page views in a month and two people clicked an ad.
I made a total of $0.73 this month.
I have an ultimate goal of $2000 a month.
My goal for next month is $5.
I know that it's not even three quarters, but it's my first step to financial freedom.

I'll admit I could have and should have posted more articles, for February my goal is for 15 articles.

I started writing the beginning of the year with no knowledge of SEO, LSI, or backlinks.
I do know that mastering these three things will make my articles worth many more dollars per month.

At this time I still have a limited knowledge of SEO, LSI &  Backlinks, but I will share with you what I have learned so far. (Correct me if im wrong, im still learning)

SEO - Selecting the right title, formatting for SEO, keyword density
Find medium traffic keywords with low competition

LSI - this is directly related to SEO, consists of selecting words the are associated with your SEO keyword.

Backlinks - by placeing your article link on other pages that rank high, you get a high page rank in google.

A spoiler alert into my future work for February will consist of many how to's for building computers and learning about all the parts that function inside of a computer.
This will be my first niche and there is a high competition rate for the keyword I am writing for.
However this will be easy to write for me as I have built computers for myself for personal use for five years now.

A lot of people say they can crank out an article in 30 minutes or an hour, I have no clue how that is possible, the articles I write take me half a day to a full day if not more.
Perhaps its their habit of writing (which I have yet to acquire) that allows such a fast writing.

Constructive criticism needed, take a look at my articles, what do you think I should do to generate more views and clicks?