My InfoBarrel earnings for May 2010 was a total of $69.86.

InfoBarrel Adsense $64.13
Chikita $5.73
If you have been reading my InfoBarrel earnings articles then you know that I earned $56.02 in April on InfoBarrel. I did increase my earnings but not as much as I wanted too.

As long as I keep writing my InfoBarrel earnings will increase. I do have Adsense revenue from other websites coming in, not a lot but there is some.

In the continuing quest for which is better, SEO or simply writing a lot, I have an answer at least for my articles last month. I will continue to write a lot without using SEO but out of my top 5 earning articles for last month 4 of them were written with SEO and keywords in mind after doing some keyword research.

My Top 5 articles that earned the most in May:

Where to Buy Cheap Dickies
Become a Slot Tech in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Deals- Cheap Foods and Free Buffets
My InfoBarrel Earnings for April
Pre-Built Hunting Cabins

My Top 5 Articles Ranked by Page views For the Month of May Were:

10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players
Large Capacity Fuel Tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters
Free Afghan Crochet Patterns
Make 5000 Dollars per Month with InfoBarrel
All Day Long Buffets in Las Vegas

Thoughts on InfoBarrel

In my April InfoBarrel Earnings article there was a comment that asked

"So, you are saying that you made approx $0.2 per article that you have written for InfoBarrel (approx $50 for approx 250 articles). I am sure that you will make a lot of money for the additional articles that you are going to write. But if you make $0.2 per article per month on an average, then it take 25 months for you to make $5 per article that you write. Are you ok with that?"

My response it that yes, I am OK with that for a few reasons. Once I get a few cherry articles that earn consistently then the average per article will increase. If I was to write more using SEO instead of writing a lot then my average per article would increase.

I can pump out InfoBarrel articles quickly when I am in the zone. If I write 10 articles in a day then those 10 articles will earn me at least $100 over the next 4 years.

Per article average is an important consideration when writing articles but you need to consider other factors also. How fast do the articles take too write? What is your average CPM with Adsense?

My CPM with Google Adsense on InfoBarrel is terrific. I simply need to write a lot more articles and then do some linking of my articles. My earnings will also increase once I begin promoting and getting sales off of affiliate links on some of my articles.

Even though my per article averages are currently low with InfoBarrel I know they will increase as I:
  • Get More Cherry articles that consistently earn an above average amount each month
  • Get more links to my articles
  • Begin to get affiliate sales

My overall revenue for the month was higher as I received Adsense income from other websites. I also wrote for TextBroker. My emphasis needs to be on InfoBarrel. When I reach 1500 articles on InfoBarrel my earnings will be high each month, even if I am only earning .20 cents per article but I am confident that the per article average will increase.

InfoBarrel Earnings Honesty

At this point in the game I could easily exaggerate my InfoBarrel earnings and there would be no way to prove it. I will not be exaggerating my earnings. I will continue to document my earnings each month here on InfoBarrel and will not inflate the figures. The amount of my earnings I share here on InfoBarrel is actually how much I made. Not some over hyped figure I throw out to make myself look good.

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Staying Focused

It is hard for me to focus on just one thing. In the last week I have been scatter brained and involved in multiple website projects. I wrote a blog post about how I would be able to quit my job around August 1st and write full time but now the BicycleWriter needs to buy a freaking car…maybe. I need to keep writing for InfoBarrel so I can build my residual income up higher. I really really really want to get 1500 articles wrote for InfoBarrel by the end of the year.

Last month I wrote 41 articles for InfoBarrel. I need to pick up my writing pace for InfoBarrel if I am going to reach my goal by the end of this year. So far this month I have only wrote 11 articles (Including this one) for InfoBarrel. If I can stay focused I could have a lot more articles wrote for InfoBarrel by the end of this month.

Who's Your Daddy?

Did you see the final results for the monthly contest? I'm sure not the daddy.
DesperateJournalism (309)
Jekyll (301)
Info_Lover (290) No Link Love for Info_Lover until I see some posting in the forums ;)

Write Away!

Once I publish this article I will have 310 total articles on InfoBarrel. I need to keep writing a lot to reach my goal.

Las Vegas

Again I am recommending Las Vegas related articles. Many of my Las Vegas related articles are earning well above my per article average. The Las Vegas articles may not get a lot of views but when they do get some clicks they are very healthy clicks.

I am going to write more Las Vegas related articles this month. I see a trend where Las Vegas is a worldwide destination and if I get a huge folio of Las Vegas related articles then many of these will be evergreen content that will continue to earn year round.

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