Woman with Balloons at ParadeCredit: Ja69/FlickrIn May I earned a total of $110.06 with InfoBarrel. This was an increase from last month, but I am nowhere near the total I want to be at. You can scroll down and see my InfoBarrel earnings chart for each month I have been a writer here.

My numbers are not yet where I want them to be. I will continue to contribute content to InfoBarrel as I want to see my earnings increase. I crunched some numbers yesterday. Out f the over $1,500 in total I have earned with InfoBarrel, about 34% of that is all from my top 10 earning articles. These are consistent earners.

This month my writing goals are to write a lot for upfront pay. In addition to writing for a lot of upfront pay I want to submit at least 50 new articles to InfoBarrel. Out of my top earning articles all of them have been articles that I have written, and not outsourced.

I have been slowly developing other means of earning off of Adsense, but all of the earnings I share in this article and the earnings chart are my earnings only from Info barrel.

When I write for upfront pay I get to write a lot of articles, but I don’t always like the topic. InfoBarrel is a fun release as I can write about anything I want.

I still want to get 4,000 articles published on InfoBarrel. It will take me sometime to do this because I have to write so many articles for upfront pay. Imagine having 4,000 articles published on Info Barrel.

Free Photos to Use on InfoBarrel

I have licensed the vast majority of my photos at Flickr to be used commercially for free under attribution. Out of all 290 photos I have published I only have 2 that I have not licensed. You can use any of the pics that have a creative commons license anywhere you want to. I do ask for a link back or credit.

You can use any of the pics on my Flickr account with a creative commons license for InfoBarrel articles with no link or attribution needed. Feel free to use as many as you want to for InfoBarrel articles. I know that finding images to use can be hard sometimes.

I got a new Pentax KX camera and have been shooting pictures like crazy. There may or may not be any images on my Flickr account you can use for your articles, but feel free to use them if you need any.

Upfront Work

If you need a writer for any articles then feel free to shoot me a message on here. Let me know how many articles you need, what you are paying, the topics, and I will get back to you. I will be writing everyday this month. I have some work lined up, but the topics seriously bore the hell out of me. 

I love InfoBarrel and look forward to continuing to increase my earnings here. I will keep writing and increase the number of articles I have posted here on Info barrel.

InfoBarrel Earnings for Ernie