I had my highest month of earnings with InfoBarrel in December, but I am still not yet where I want to be. I am going to keep writing articles until I reach $1,000 per month in earnings with Info Barrel. My per article average is lower than most writers, but I plan on making that up with the quantity of articles I post.

I know proper back linking and keyword research would help out my earnings, but I usually prefer to simply write. I have begun to use the voice to text software on my computer and I really like it. Eventually I will upgrade to Dragon Naturally speaking 11.

Info Barrel Earnings

This month will see me busy writing for upfront pay, as well as building a website for a bakery. I want to add as much content as possible to InfoBarrel this month, but I will be busy so am not sure how much I can crank out.

My goal for January is to simply increase my earnings over last month. I have a lot of article ideas; I simply need to get them written. I am no longer posting my top earning articles or the articles with the most pageviews, but I will continue to post my total earnings each month. I will say that log cabins, Las Vegas, and Santa Claus were all excellent topics for me during December. I doubt that Santa Claus will pay as well this month, but I will write more articles on Las Vegas and Log Cabins.

I wrote a handful of new log cabin articles a few months ago, and they received very little earnings. Last month almost all of them had at least one click and they tended to be very healthy clicks revenue wise. Article "Aging" once again proved to be about 3 months long. I also got Travelerman involved with InfoBarrel last month. I like having a writing partner living nearby. He is a complete newbie to everything we do on InfoBarrel, but he is off to an excellent start.

I am looking forward to the 50 articles in 2 days challenge next month. I do not know if I can do it or not, but I am confident I can come pretty close. This challenge has opened up my mind to some new ideas, not saying they are feasible though. What if…we wrote 50 articles in 2 days EVERY WEEK! As an individual if you could get yourself to the point where you can crank out 50 articles in 2 days, you'd be able to add at least 200 articles a month to InfoBarrel. I know burn-out would probably ensue, but I still like the idea of this.

I receive other online earnings and also Adsense revenue from other websites, but as always the numbers in my earnings chart is from Info Barrel only! I do not add income from bookmarking sites or Adsense income from other websites. My InfoBarrel earnings are just that, only my Info Barrel earnings.

My earnings are definitely not the highest on InfoBarrel. My per article average is also much lower than many other writers. I am fine with that because my strategy may be different than other peoples. I like to write and not handle other tasks. Would I like a higher per article average each month? Of course I would, but I know that would entail doing stuff I really don't care to do such as manually bookmarking.

I plan on trying to do as much of my non-Info Barrel related work as quickly as possible so I can spend the last week simply writing a lot of content for Info Barrel. I believe Market Samurai is a great program for doing keyword research, but again I cannot pay for it right now and I do not want to learn the program right now. I have a lot on my table but I want to simply focus on writing as much content as possible.

In order to simplify my tasks and get better return on my articles I will pay someone who has market Samurai to do some keyword research for me. It is well worth my money to pay someone to do those tasks I do not want to do because I know a list of keywords and better SEO articles will lead to a higher per article average on earnings each month.

This month I am putting together a website and content for a friend. I was intentionally trying to clear as much stuff away so I could focus on upfront pay for articles and writing for InfoBarrel to build my passive income. I now will have to spend time putting together this website in addition to other side projects. Yes I am getting paid to build this website and I will continue to earn a little bit each month to host this website, but it is not what I want to be doing. I simply want to write articles.

Towards the end of this month I am suppose to be receiving a large check. If this money comes through I will be doing two things. I will purchase Dragon naturally Speaking 11 and find a place to rent to lock myself up for a month or two. I might rent a log cabin or something if I find a good deal. My goal during this period will be to write a whole bunch of new content for InfoBarrel. If I push myself hard enough during this time period I should be able to write 300-600 new articles for Info Barrel. This would definitely help to increase my monthly earnings, possible even get me to the magical $1,000 per month in earnings with InfoBarrel.

I hope this check comes in this month so I can begin to plan where I will do my writing from. I want little to no distractions and I will be able to write a lot of new articles. If the check does not come this month I will have to delay this trip even longer, but it will come eventually. I have placed 2nd and 3rd in InfoBarrel contests, but on this trip I should be able to finally win one. Not sure when it will happen yet, but you will know because my monthly points will be huge.

My earnings may not be the highest, but you can be sure I will keep on writing for Info Barrel and my monthly earnings will keep creeping upwards.