As Rogers and Hammerstein so eloquently penned for their award winning Broadway musical Carousel, “June is bustin’ out all over!”. Once again, a month has flown by and it is time to sit back and reflect on what I have accomplished.

I have to admit that I had spring fever this month. There is a lightness about me now, since my Sunday School job is finished and Girl Scouts has also ended. Those are two major responsibilities off of my shoulders for the next three months.

With the weather warming up, I found it harder to stay inside and work. I started “sleeping in” until 6:30, instead of my regular 5:30 wake up call to exercise. I wrote all morning, and rewarded myself in the afternoon with an hour walk and a long chat with a friend on the phone as I roamed my neighborhood. I loved feeling the sunshine on my face!

Afternoons were spent taking my twins to the park and bike riding with them and my husband in the evening. Then we set up our new Intex swimming pool, and during the latter part of the month, we would swim after school and after dinner.

Because of my older daughter’s activities, I found myself out three nights a week for most of the month driving one or both ways of a carpool. That really wrecked any evening opportunities to do more backlinking or even play around on Swagbucks, as I got home close to 9:30. If I go on the computer too late, I have trouble falling sleep.

Feeling like a bit of a slacker, I did a happy dance when we had a week of rainy days! I got back on track with my work schedule, mainly with working on my new niche sites and with backlinking.

Seeing that my backlinking efforts helped in April, I again focused on doing more in May. I did get sidetracked, but not in a bad way. I started with my oldest articles, the ones that I had not visited in ages. My goal was to add new Amazon signatures and to use Chezfat’s picture strategy. I wound up rewriting several articles, adding content, improving SEO and then resubmitting their URL’s before backlinking them some more. This took more time and effort than I had originally anticipated, but it was well worth it.

In addition to my online writing, I discovered an addicting website called Swagbucks. With very little effort, I was able to earn twenty dollars in free Amazon gift cards this month alone. I even wrote an article about, as I am so enamored with the site and the ease of earning income there. I plan on using this revenue stream to buy things I need for my home. Let me tell you, it is easier than writing for the monthly Info Barrel contest.

One thing I managed to do that was not only goals list was to start a Wordpress blog, which I plan on turning into a website. Have ever heard of the phrase “a light bulb moment”? I had a major one in late May. I needed to take my mom to the doctor, so I brought along my first spiral notebook full of blogging ideas so I could write and keep busy. As I perused through it, I saw a common theme and then “BAM!”, I needed to get my sunglasses because the bulb was so bright.

I ran home to play with Wordpress and I am grateful to the help my fellow IBer’s gave me. I have a long ways to go, but I am pumped to begin this new project.

So here is what my May goals were, and what I did accomplish.

Write thirty-one points worth of articles. Five of those articles will count for the extra five per cent contest revenue share, for a total of ninety-per cent revenue share for May.

I had forty-three points with thirteen articles and earned my ninety per cent revenue share

Write six more posts for my Girl Scout blog. Then I can put it to bed until August.

I wrote six more posts, but all appeared this month. I cannot put the blog on summer vacation yet.

Write four more posts for my Saving Money blog.

I wrote four posts.

Create a two new free Blogger blogs for a niche I have discovered.

I managed to finish one of my new mommyblogs on Blogger. It is a static blog and needs no more work. I did start and finished about fifty per cent of my second free Blogger blog, but then I abandoned it. I want to work on my Wordpress blog full throttle. I may come back to it over the summer if I need a break from my newest endeavor, just to give my brain a rest.

I also created eight new aStores to go along with my niche blogs.

Backlink every Info Barrel article onto Redgage.

I managed to backlink quite a few of my articles, but not all. It had been very frustrating to try and backlink there, as Internet Explorer did not work well. I gave up.

Then, my eight year old son had on the Mozilla browser for something he was doing, so I decided to try backlinking to Redage using it. Lo and behold, it worked! Gotta love my techy boy!

As I look ahead to June, I find that I have a lot less time to write than I normally do. There are fourteen days left of school, and three of those are half-days. Then my twins will be home an entire week before day camp begins.

My older daughter will be making her Confirmation on Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jews receiving the Ten Commandments.  This is another day I will not be able to be able to work.

Volunteer-wise, I am going on the second grade field trip not once, but twice! Heaven forbid that the classes go together on the same day, but no, they are not. That means two full days I am missing at home.

There is our school field day, and I am one of the moms in charge of son’s class. And we also have the end of the year parties, and I am running the one for my daughter.

Because of the lack of time, my goals have to be a bit lower and more realistic, as my children will be home more often than not.

Write thirty-one points full of articles for the 90% revenue share

Work on my new website

Do more backlinking in the quiet moments I get this month

There you have it! Thank you for reading this and I wish you all the best of luck on your Info Barrel goals for this month.