As I reflect upon the month of August, I will be happy to see it go. And not for the reason that many people would think. While I am an honest mom who loves her kids and enjoys being with them most of the time, the time has come for them to return to school. It's not that I enjoy homework, carpools, and making lunches each day (some of my least favorite “mommy chores”) but I have not had a moment to myself in a while, and I need it!

The month started off with a bang, publishing five articles totaling nine points. I always have a few saved so I start the month off on the right foot, and am not panicking at writing thirty-one points worth of articles in a few days at the end of each month. I am a planner.

A trip to Walt Disney World on my birthday, and spending five days with my family, my mom and my brother, really started August on a positive note. Then I had two more weeks of camp were all I had upon our return to get work done.

I mentioned last month that my teenage daughter was home from sleepaway camp (which she paid for entirely herself with scholarships, fundraising and by working) and needed me to take her places. That definitely changed the flow of my work day. I did enjoy our time together when we went out shopping or out to lunch. That is why I try to prepare several articles in advance, so when I take time off, I do not feel guilty about taking an afternoon off from writing.

One thing that I loved most of all this month was writing the check for her driving lessons. Thanks to my Info Barrel earnings, I paid her instructor and had plenty left over to spare! I bought her a North Face jacket in the Orlando outlet mall.  It was the one she had been wanting for two years, but I did not have the extra money to spend on such an expensive coat. It made me feel good to finally be able to say “yes”.

My twins will be benefiting my Info Barrel earnings with the music lessons they will taking this year. I am finally able to say “yes” to this request.

What makes me even more committed to working online is not just the money I am making, but the fact that I truly believe this is what I am meant to be doing right now. This month I was supposed to work in my synagogue’s preschool camp for two days, having been called weeks in advance for the assignment.

The first day went great. I had a load of fun working with an old friend and the kids were adorable. I was looking forward to the second day, when my younger daughter came into my room at three a.m. with an earache. This is my daughter who gets sick every time I am called in to work at the preschool.

So I stressed the entire early morning away until I could contact someone from the school to let them know I was not able to work.

After having the doctor confirm that she did have an ear infection, the light bulb went off. My daughter has been my constant reminder this past year of why I need to be working at home. This did not happen last year when I worked regularly as a preschool sub-no one got sick when I got an assignment, when writing online was more like a hobby.

I am removing my name from the sub list. My time is better spent working at home.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law died this month, the day camp ended. It was not unexpected, but his illness and death certainly had a huge impact on our summer.

It is also going to have an impact on my fall, as we took many things from the house to sell. My in-laws came from a generation that threw nothing away. There was plenty of vintage Corningware for me to sell on Ebay, as well as many other things my husband’s siblings viewed as junk (knowing eyes know better!).

And I am glad that I started the month with points, because I had thirty points before we left for the out of state funeral…only one more article to write to get to the magic thirty-one! It was hard with the constant interruptions, but I did it, and did not have the worry of finishing it when we returned home.

So did I accomplish my August goals?

Write thirty-one points full of articles for the 90% revenue share


Work on my new website

No, I did not get to do any work on my new website. Interestingly enough, some people have found it, according to Google Analytics. This is the first time I did not accomplish a monthly Info Barrel goal.

Do more backlinking when my brain is too fried to write another article for my website

No, I did not backlink anything. But, I did add media to many articles. Guess what happened? I had lots of clicks on my media pages! It is silly not to do this. Think of it this way…with each piece of media you add, you get to add another page with Google ads. More opportunities for people to click on something!

I sold eight items on Amazon this month. Of the eight, only four corresponded to anything I wrote about. That is another reason to add media that links to Amazon. People may not buy what they clicked on, but they may buy something!

So what does September have in store for me?

I have too many balls in the air this month. I return to teaching Hebrew School on the second Sunday, and my co-teacher and I need to plan. I also have to get my Girl Scout meetings organized. My kids have work schedules and activity schedules that need to be solidified so we can all get back on track and into the school groove.

My Info Barrel goals will be even more modest this month:

I will write thirty-one points worth of articles for the ninety per cent revenue share

In my small pockets of time, I will add even more media to my articles

There you have it! Have a great month and keep on writing!