It’s that time of the month when I have to sit down at the computer, check back over a month’s worth of work and see if I accomplished the goals I had set for myself.

Similar to winter when it is too cold to go outside, most of July has been too hot to venture outdoors for too long. I do not mind it at all, since the warm weather tempts me away from the work I need to do.

The first week of July was reserved for my twins, as they were off from camp that week. Then I had three solid weeks to write and work on my Info Barrel goals. I had a taste of what working at home full-time would be like, as instead of walking away from the computer at 2:45 when my older daughter came home from high school, my twins get off the camp bus at 4:45. The extra two hours made a world of difference in my work day.

I also had more time to work because I did not have to cook dinner for the five weeks my teenage daughter was away! I did not have to spend time preparing meals. My twins are very happy with simple food like tacos and pasta, unlike my teenage daughter who likes more variety in the main courses that I serve. Less cooking meant fewer trips to the grocery store, resulting in more time for me to work.

I spent the bulk of my first two weeks of free time working on my new website. I have to give a shout out to Philtrate and michelledancer for assisting me with my endless stream of Wordpress questions. To be quite honest, I spent more time figuring out how to do things, and then undoing them, and then doing them again, then I did actually writing. I am extremely grateful for the myriad of YouTube videos that gave me visual step-by-step instructions on how to add and subtract things from my website.

After two solid weeks of working on nothing but my website, I had to step away. I was facing burn out on a project that I was really looking forward to enjoying.

As frustrating as it was to spend so much time learning and redoing my site and not writing, it was a positive experience. I have several ideas for other blogs and websites floating around in my head. Once I master the rest of Wordpress, setting up the next few sites will be much easier and faster. I am learning so I can continue to be earning. Working at home and earning a living online is not a passing fancy for me. This is serious business.

In order to spend my alone time more productively for the third week I had it, I wrote a few more articles and drafted a few more posts for my Girl Scout blog. I also finished creating new signatures, interlinked media pages, and  adding new media to published articles.

As much as I love Info Barrel, I know the key to generating more income is to diversify. Since the site came highly recommended by my fellow IB writers, I decided to join Seekyt (my referral link). Seekyt has a three article preapproval process, which demonstrates to me that there is quality factor involved, just like Info Barrel. My first seven articles are up and running. Of course have several links back to my articles here on Info Barrel. I am really enjoying my time there and find it an easy platform to learn.

Here are my July goals and what I accomplished:

Write thirty-one points full of articles for the 90% revenue share

I wrote enough to earn thirty-three points and did the five articles for the extra five per cent rev share

Work on my new website


Do more backlinking when my brain is too fried to write another article for my website

I did some backlinking, but not as much as I thought I would. I did other things to keep me fingers flying on the keyboard.

I also put up a few posts on my saving money blog, and earned another twenty-five dollars in Amazon gift cards on Swagbucks (my link).

What does August look like for me?

July was definitely a month like no other. Not since I became a mother of three have I had so much time on my own to do whatever I wanted to do. In August that comes to a screeching halt.

We will be away on vacation for the first week of August, blissfully away from electronics. My wrists will be grateful because they are really acting up (I am thinking of looking into the Dragon Speaks program) Then my twins have two more weeks of day camp. That gives me some precious time with my older daughter, who was away for five weeks. She will be taking driving lessons, paid for from my online income. I will also be on call to take her places as needed.

I am also using two of my free time days working at my synagogue’s preschool camp. I am not yet at a point where I can turn down an opportunity to earn extra money. By working outside the home I am losing some precious quiet computer time, but will benefit my family by earning money for things like back to school shoes for my kids.

The rest of the month is in a state of flux. When camp ends, so does my free time to work. It is simply impossible to do any kind of writing when my children are home. I am hoping they will help me get things ready for Hebrew School and Girl Scouts. They love to help!

In addition, my father-in-law is terminally ill, and things have been getting worse at a progressively quick manner.  Due to this situation, no end of summer plans are able to be made.

Here are my Info Barrel goals for August, which are the same as July’s goals:

Write thirty-one points full of articles for the 90% revenue share

Work on my new website

Do more backlinking when my brain is too fried to write another article for my website

There you have it! Thank you for taking the time to read about my goals. I wish you all the best of luck this month! Remember, if you do not write, you cannot earn!