It has been six months since I decided to share with the Info Barrel community my goals for this year. The time has flown by, and I find it hard to believe so much time has passed.

The half year mark is a good time to reflect on what I have accomplished. I strongly suggest that everyone do this, either publicly or privately. Sometimes it seems like you have not done all that much, but in reality, you have done everything you set out to do and more.

For example, I have added two hundred thirty-four articles on Info Barrel, eleven Hubs on Hubpages, and eleven articles on Xomba. I have backlinked the heck out of them. I created three new blogs and have continued to update my Girl Scout blog four to six times a month.

All of that was all accomplished because I have set goals for myself. Life gives you two choices-sit and whine or go out and do. I subscribe to the latter, and I benefit from it.

My goals have taken a totally different shape from the scribbles I made in my spiral notebook for back in December 2010. I am constantly learning from my fellow Info Barrel members. It is because of all of you that my monthly goals change, as you all teach me so much. I have so much more to learn and do. I see myself continuing to set my goals into 2012, even if I do not share them in a public manner.

To anyone new to Info Barrel, or getting frustrated becaue of the lack of clicks, you have to hang in there.  As a rabid New York Mets fan who grew up ten mintues from Shea Stadium,  I'll repeat the mantra I grew up with, "Ya' gotta believe!".

You need to write.  You need to backlink.  Then you need to write some more, backlink some more, etc.

As stated in my last Goals article, June was to be a busy month for me. I had a plate full of the end of the year activities for my twins, which required me to be at school much of the month. I was also busy getting everything ready for them to go to day camp this week, and get all of things ready for my older daughter’s sleep away camp experience. Once school was over, I was having fun with my kids and reveling in the fact that there was no more homework!

But the most exciting thing I did for myself was to buy my own domain! I am so excited to begin this new journey of creating residual income! This is a topic in which there is virtually no information, yet there is a need. I already have forty categories for posts set up and there are more to come. I even have a micro niche within this niche. I intend to create a second website once this one is up and running.

Here were my June goals and what I accomplished:

Write thirty-one points full of articles for the 90% revenue share

I wrote enough articles to total fifty-nine points and achieved the 90% revenue share

Work on my new website


Do more backlinking in the quiet moments I get this month

I did a lot of backlinking, since I had small pockets of time each day.

In addition to these goals, I finished several posts for my Girl Scout blog. These posts will take me into late September. It is necessary for me to make several summer posts, as in other parts of the country, school begins in August. Leaders are meeting with their troops long before I do! I do not want to lose the following I have gained.

I also wrote two new Hubs on Hubpages. While I know that the site in not what it used to be, I focused the articles on Girl Scouts. I took one of my Info Barrel articles and rewrote it to include a lot of Amazon products that I cannot showcase on my articles here.

The other article also promotes products that leaders can use with their girls. Because of the Amazon capsule, I can highlight these items for Girl Scout leaders. Personally, I never knew Amazon offered these before I wrote about them. I am assuming a lot of other leaders do not know this, too!

As I get inspired, I will write more Girl Scout product articles on Hubpages. These of course, like my other Hubs about Girl Scouts, will be linked to my Info Barrel articles, as well as my blog.

I continue to play on Swagbucks, and earned twenty-five more dollars in Amazon gift cards to use towards things my family needs. If you just want a break from writing, but do not want feel like you are wasting time and not earning money, you can have fun on Swagbucks. (my referral link)

What does July look like for me?

My children will be off from camp the first week of July. We tend to catch up with school friends and hang out with my mom during this traditional week at home. Once that week is over, I will have three solid weeks of alone time for eight hours a day. With my twins in day camp and my teenage daughter at sleep away camp, I will have a lot of time to focus on my writing.

Having this time alone is huge, as when it is the school year, I have so much more going on. With no Girl Scout meetings to lead and plan, no PTA or synagogue volunteer commitments, no homework after school, and no driving to activities in the evenings, I plan on taking full advantage of this opportunity and grow my website into a successful business.

Here are my Info Barrel goals for July

Write thirty-one points full of articles for the 90% revenue share

Work on my new website

Do more backlinking when my brain is too fried to write another article for my website

There you have it. I thank you all for reading this, for helping me out when I have questions, and for being the best online writing community on the web. Good luck with all you plan to accomplish this month!