As I sit down at the end of every month to evaluate my monthly goals and accomplishments, I am constantly marveled at how quickly a month goes by! Life sometimes has a way of sidetracking my goals, but by the end of the month, I am motivated to attain them because I have written them down and shared them here on Info Barrel.

Knowing that April was going to be a busier month than usual for me, I set out to earn most of my thirty-one achievement points before my children were off for a ten day spring break. I managed to attain twenty-three by mid-April and wrote two more articles while my kids were home to earn thirty-three points by April 23rd.

I found it mentally relaxing to achieve that goal early, and plan on making it a regular part of my Info Barrel writing. It is important to me to attain the ninety per cent revenue share that is offered to every writer each month on Info Barrel. Once I achieve that goal, I can move forward with the other things on my goals list with the knowledge that I did the most important task of the month.

While I enjoyed my ten day break with my twins (my oldest daughter was in Israel for her Confirmation trip), my inability to get any work done made me kind of crabby by the end of their vacation. The two articles I wrote during Spring Break were done while my kids played with friends. Four second grade children running in and out of my house was not the most conducive atmosphere for writing!

Except for the small bit of downtime I had dabbling with Webanswers and doing some backlinking, my article writing pretty much came to a standstill. I discovered my ensuing crabbiness did not stem from a need to be connected to the internet, but from a need to be connected to the written word. Writing online is something I enjoy as much as I did teaching (once upon a time). I do this for myself! Yes, this mom said it out loud. I am doing something for myself, which in turns helps my family. It gives me joy knowing that I am helping my husband and my children.

I cannot improve my online earnings if I am not writing. There will be a time when I am earning enough to pay my mortgage and more; that not writing won’t bother me as much as it does now. I am not there yet. I still need to be working at it if I want to achieve my goals.

One thing I will share with you is that backlinking to Infopirate has really helped my earnings. I have enough blogs and articles on various sites so I do not overload my “web tips” with Info Barrel articles. I have more articles to backlink and want to get as many as I can on there this month.

I also rediscovered my Redgage account! I am putting backlinks there going from most recent, as I find this easier than going backwards.

My Adsense earnings were down eighteen per cent. Chitika was down by almost half and my Amazon sales slipped, too. I had only four sales there for April, down from thirteen in March.

So let’s see how my April goals and my April reality lined up:

Write for the 90% revenue share with 31 points and five contest articles


I wrote twenty-one articles for thirty-three points. I had three contest themed articles and two holiday articles

Add three new posts on my Girl Scout blog

I wrote three posts

Add four new posts on my

I wrote four posts

Backlink thirty more articles

I back linked more than thirty articles and still have lots

more to do!

Change my signatures so each one relates to a product related to the article

I did change the signatures on most of my articles, and still have a few more to do.

Write an article for Phil's website

I submitted a poem with a few paragraphs describing it’s origins.

In addition to writing articles on Info barrel, I also wrote five on Xomba and one on Hubpages. I also wrote one new Top on Best Reviewer and made four aStores.

All in all, a productive month, even if I lost ten days of work!

What are My Info Barrel goals for May?

The beginning of May will be busy for me as I prepare for my daughter’s at home Sweet Sixteen party. She invited fifty-four girls (no, that is not a typo and I should have my head examined, but she has lots of friends). Even with some no shows, that’s a lot of food to prepare and I have some big prep work to accomplish.

I only have two Girl Scout meetings left, and then I am off until late September or early October. They are all planned and ready to go. There are no PTA commitments this month, although I have a few in June as the school year winds down.

So without further ado, here are my Info Barrel goals for May:

Write thirty-one points worth of articles. Five of those articles will count for the extra five per cent contest revenue share, for a total of ninety-per cent revenue share for May. (this will be done at the start of the month)

Write six more posts for my Girl Scout blog. Then I can put it to bed until August.

Write four more posts for my Saving Money blog. I am finding it hard to find time for this blog and attract a readership, but will keep it up for backlinks to my other articles. Which in all honesty, is the reason I made it in the first place!

Create a two new free Blogger blogs for a niche I have discovered.

Backlink every Info Barrel article onto Redgage.

I hope you all have a successful May and good luck with all of your endeavors!