Did I Achieve My January Goals?

It has been almost two months since I wrote this article telling anyone who bothered to read it my Info Barrel goals for 2011. Let me tell you, sharing my goals with you has been one of the best things I decided to do. Not only did it make me more accountable to myself, but to others as well. Every time I sat down at my computer with my spiral notebooks (one with keyword research, one with my monthly, weekly, daily goals), I knew I had to keep reaching until I was finished.

I had two huge life changes this past month. The first was having my husband "come home" after almost sixteen years of raising our children solo five days a week. After spending all of these years working 60 or more hours a week, he is home in the morning to help with our second grade twins, home for dinner early every night, and he is even home for lunch! It took some adjusting to these changes, and we are on more steady ground now.

The second big change was a my paradigm shift. Instead of thinking of myself as a stay at home mom who wrote after all of the housework, errands, and volunteer work were done, I changed my thinking. I am now a work-at-home mom who sits down every day at 8:45 to write. Errands and chores are done around my writing, not the other way around. The entire way I live my life had changed.

Since December second, I have written over 100 articles between Info Barrel, Hubpages and Xomba. It took me months to write my first 100 here on Info Barrel! Setting goals and writing them down has really proved to be the best thing I have done for earning online income.

January was a month that had several bumps which cut short my writing time. We had two snow days and two delayed school openings. A stomach virus attacked all of us except my younger daughter. My older daughter has mid-terms, which meant a week of half-days for her. I enjoyed our quiet time together while her brother and sister were in school.

But what reaffirmed for me WHY I am setting goals and earning income from home was a phone call I received one morning from school. My younger daughter was sick and she needed to go home. I was at school within five minutes and we spent the day snuggling and making her feel better.

In the past, when I taught full time, I occasionally received calls like that from the day care center when my older daughter became sick. It was stressful, to day the least. I never want to feel that way again.

Despite these unforeseen events, I reached January goals then some.

My goals for January are bolded.

Write 30 articles in a niche I have researched

I wrote 23 articles in a niche I had not planned on writing about AND 54 articles for a niche for February.

Backlink these 30 articles to Xomba, Infopirate, and Snipsly

I back linked the 23 articles as well as the additional 24 articles I wrote this month on IB, 14 new Hubs and one on Xomba .

Earn 30 Info Barrel points and my 90% monthly revenue share

I earned 53 points this month and wrote the necessary articles for the 90% rev share.

Write three posts for my Girl Scout blog

I wrote seven posts for my blog, four for January and three for February.

Make Four Best-Reviewer Lists

I wrote six this month.

Rewrite and Backlink four of my older Info Barrel articles

I did this to over one dozen articles and resubmitted the URLs to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Write 15 on my highest earning IB articles

I rewrote four of them and wrote ten new articles, for a total of 14 Hubs.

In addition, I also accomplished the following:

Wrote three articles for Textbroker and earned some money

Added Amazon links to articles

Learned how to add a link to a picture

Submitted links to dreamer's writing blog

Discovered I actually had 27 Amazon sales in 2010 and made two more in January

Someone joined Info barrel through my referral link

Created a new mommyblog called "Saving Money Makes $ense" to backlink my IB articles. Come and visit!

I have looked at my February calendar to see what my commitments are. There are two Girl Scout meetings to plan and prepare, the school carnival I am helping to run, class Valentine's Day parties, and I have been asked to sub in the preschool three mornings for a vacationing friend.

Taking all of that into account, here are my goals for February:

Write 40 articles for IB

Earn 31 points for the 90% rev share

Write four new Best-Reviewer lists

Write three blog posts for my new blog

Write three new post for my Girl Scout blog

Update four Info Barrel articles

Write ten new Hubs, most based on my newest articles for IB

I wish all of you the best of luck with your goals this month!