March proved to be a very interesting month for me. After coming off a win in the February contest, I wanted nothing to do with my computer. Even checking my email was a tremendous effort!

I spent the first four days recovering from complete exhaustion. Between my hard earned rest, there was a ton of laundry, a messy house that needed cleaning, and my family was hankering for something other than a quick and easy pasta dish for dinner.

And most importantly, I had to reconnect with my twins after working diligently during the last several days of February.

I had given myself permission to take off the second week of March from writing to start some much needed spring cleaning. With smaller, less intense goals and a month that was longer than February, I figured I had plenty of time to get my thirty-one points. Quite honestly, at that point of the month, I had yet to have my fire for writing relit. Factoring in the three half days of school my twins that week due to Parent/Teacher conferences, my time to write, run errands and keep up with the house was limited.

It was to become more limited than I thought it would be.

My son wound up missing two days of school that week.

The next week would be not only be worse, but prove to anyone who wondered why I have no desire to return to full time work why it simply is not an option.

My son got sick again with something totally different and spent two more days at home. When he was ready to return to school, his twin sister got something else and was home for the next three days.

Because I was taking care of sick children, I could not write. During times when I was not needed, I started backlinking articles on Infopirate, researching new keywords, and gathering information for new articles. I also was commenting on other blogs to get the word out my newest blog. Webanswers was also a fun way to pass the time and I am even earned a few dollars from my efforts this month!

That makes a total of seven work days out of ten I would have had to miss to take care of my sick children. When my husband ran his own office and I worked full time, we alternated days off with our older daughter. Now that he is back in front of the eyes of the big bosses, that option is no longer on the table.

Oh, and I did not mention that my daughter infected me and I was sick for four days with her illness.

Anyone want to hire me?

(Actually, someone did. I mentioned last month that my friend’s husband wanted me to market his book. After learning about his terms-a purely commission deal-I turned him down. I do not work for free in the hopes of earning a percentage of a sale. I am losing money that way by not working for myself.)

Succumbing to the stomach virus that got my children left me with three days to reach my goal of thirty-one points. I know that there are people who thrive on the adrenaline rush of last minute deadlines, but I am not one of them. I am a planner, and like to have time to spare.

Not this month!

On a positive note, despite writing very little, I had my best Adsense month ever. The Google change, plus a library full of properly backlinked seasoned articles, helped me earn the highest monthly payout since I joined Info Barrel. Almost all of my Adsense money comes from Info Barrel, with Xomba and Hubpages coming in a distant second and third.

I also had thirteen sales on Amazon and my best Chitika month to date.

For new Info Barrel writers reading this, no, I do not earn yet enough to retire to a tropical paradise with my husband. But I am earning, something I would not be doing had I given up a year ago because I only earned eleven dollars and change in March 2010.

I have demonstrated, with patience and time, that I can take care of my sick children and still be earning money. I am in control of my time. I am my own boss. Truthfully, my topics are not the highest paying, but because I have a library full of them, they do pay.

Having just reached my ninety per cent rev share level that is my main goal each month, here are my March goals and accomplishments:

Write enough articles to get 31 points and the 90% revenue share

This article gets me to number 31!

Add three more posts to my Girl Scout blog

I added five-three for March and two more scheduled for April

Add three more posts to my Saving Money Makes Sense blog

I added four posts.

Tweak my articles that have gotten lost in Google’s latest change

I accomplished this goal and added fresh content to help them get back to page one.

Anything else is just gravy

Because my kids were sick, I was able to backlink and add two Best Reviewer tops. I also wrote one Hub.

What do my April goals look like?

April is going to be a very busy month. With Spring Break, my kids will be home for ten days of the month, counting weekends.   I still have to finish helping my older daughter get ready for her trip to Israel mid-month and prepare for the upcoming Passover holiday, which I am hosting.

My volunteer efforts are also taking center stage, as it I am working our school‘s Book Fair for few days and we have a bonus third Girl Scout meeting this month. My son’s teacher is going on maternity leave and there is a mini-shower to plan.

With all that in mind, my Info Barrel goals for April are:

Write for the 90% revenue share with 31 points and five contest articles (this will be done at the start of the month)

Three new posts on my Girl Scout blog

Four new posts on my Saving Money blog

Backlink thirty more articles

Change my signatures so each one relates to a product related to the article

Write an article for Phil's website

Thanks for reading and good luck to all of you this month!