I am now in the home stretch in my series of monthly articles detailing my Info Barrel goals for 2011. I still find it hard to believe that a year has gone by since I declared my intentions to earn more residual income and learn more about the art of writing online.

As I wrote in last month’s article, November was going to be more challenging for me to get words to paper. My kids were going to be home for more days than normal. But that was not my only challenge!

My mom does not drive in the dark, and honestly, the fifteen minute drive to my house is a bit much for her. I needed her to watch my son while I was heading my Girl Scout meeting, as my older daughter was not home to take care of him like usual. On my way to get my mom, my car started to convulse. Long story short, my motor blew…a four thousand dollar repair to my 2003 mini van.

This is a major blow, especially since we have some other financial obligations with my husband’s business at the end of each year.

Well, no fretting here! I have not spent all of my Info Barrel earnings on my kids! Between my Sunday School job and my internet money, I had a portion of the bill covered.

To raise more money, I began selling anything in my house that was not nailed down. I tell people that I sell my children’s childhood to the highest bidder! (the holiday season is the best time to sell on Ebay). Having been raised in a Queens, New York apartment, we kept nothing.  It always got passed down to the next neighbor.  I have only a few items that I keep for sentimental reasons. 

Whatever I cannot donate I put up for auction. Many items that I held onto are now being enjoyed by others.

So listing has been the primary focus of my online endeavors in Novmeber.

I also started to do more extreme couponing-not that I do not already have enough to do!  Not just for myself, but for charity.  I was inspired by watching the hoarders on the TLC program to coupon with a purpose.  It is a great feeling to be able to help others.  With donation letters coming from several local organizatins, I have been able to pack bags of needed items and send them in, and it cost me very little to do so.  Even my kids are impressed (and you know how hard that can be!)

I had a great month on Amazon-my best ever! I sold thirty-five items, the bulk of them being to two people. However, it was not thirty-five laptops or big screen televisions (I wish!). The sales included a 68 cent cable. Not the stuff that car repair money is made of, but I will take it. I am hoping for more activity over the next few weeks.

I also became an affiliate for coupons.com. It was easy to sign up and I now have their ads on my websites.

December will be another short month for me writing-wise. My calendar is filled with end-of-the year doctor appointments and PTA volunteer activities. My twins' school runs a “Secret Shop” and my kids like me there. And if I am already there, I am not going to take a thirty minute shift; I may as well stay.

Our big Girl Scout cookie baking project for our soldiers overseas will take place today. I spent the better part of this week shopping and preparing everything. The girls are so excited! The there is one more meeting to plan, and I already know what I am doing. I will just need to shop for it.

Of course, the holidays will take over. I have yet to do much shopping for presents, so I will have to do some of that, too!

So did I accomplish my November goals?

-To write 31 points worth of articles, with at least five being featured ones for the 90% revenue share

I wrote 51 points worth, and had a front page feature!

-Write enough Girl Scout blog posts to get me into the second week of January

I did that, and even more. I published more content than usual, since it is the holiday season. I focused on gifts for Girl Scouts, and that led to some Amazon sales in that category. I also added Commission Junction ads.

So what are my goals for December 2011?

-Write 31 points of articles, with five being for the 90% revenue share

There you have it! Have a great month and keep writing! My next article will be the last one, and will cover what I have learned and accomplished in a year’s time.