It’s hard to believe that the month is already over and I am writing my monthly update once again. Fall is my favorite time of year. Beginning in September when the new school year starts and my calendar is full of Jewish holidays, fall is a very busy time for me. In October, I feel like I can catch my breath because things begin to settle down after a busy September.

October is also a very reflective month for me. I begin the month celebrating the birth of my twins, and it always reminds me of what my life was like before they were born. I had no idea that while I was only two blocks away at the theater with my friends watching a play, they were being born!

Two weeks later my husband and I received the phone call that would change our lives. On that day we celebrate our Family Day, a celebration that many adoptive families have. It is the day we became a forever family.

In fall, I also love to see the trees change colors. The temperate weather and the rainbow of leaves tempts me away from my computer. I have published more articles this month that I have in a long time, but I am making other things in my life a priority.

Although I did not write about this in my August update, I had another loss, of a different kind, during that month. One of my dearest friends, a woman with whom I have been friends with since 1995 when we first became mothers, had a stage four brain aneurysm. Stage V means death. She has had several complications and is now back in rehab once again. Her boys of the same ages as my three children, and she is my age.

All my children love and adore her. She could always be found outside tending her garden, her flowers, or her lawn, as she loved nothing more than spending as much time as she could outdoors. Knowing that she now cannot do what she loves most-be with her children and be outdoors-pains me.

So in her honor, I make time each day to enjoy the nice weather while I can. I make time to laugh by watching my favorite program, “The Big Bang Theory“, once a day, and I try to enjoy my children more, even when they are driving me crazy!

My PTA volunteer commitments as well as my Girl Scout troop are now under control. This month, I did decide to volunteer to work on my synagogue’s fashion show committee. Although I was trying to reduce my volunteer work, working on this committee is more than just spending time getting donations for this fundraiser. I will also be spending time with my other mommy friends whom I met in 1995. So working on this fundraiser serves two purposes-doing good for my synagogue and doing good for my heart, making time for the people who matter to me.

As I look at the calendar for the month of November I will have even fewer days to work. Out of twenty-two possible school days this month, my children will be home five whole days and three half days. That does not leave me a lot of free time to write.

I will also be preparing a big community service project for my Girl Scout troop. We will be baking mass quantities of cookies to be shipped overseas to our soldiers. Originally, I was going to have all the girls baking at my house. I got lucky when a friend volunteered her home for this messy undertaking. I will be planning with her on how to do this most effectively, with minimal mess and chaos. There will also be lots of shopping to do to get the ingredients.

My other big November project is to sell on Ebay all of the things I took from my father-in-law’s house. These vintage Corning Ware items, as well as other kitchen collectibles, will provide some needed cash for my holiday shopping. Getting rid of these items will also clear out my garage. I have not been able to park my car in the garage in five years. Once I get rid of the cartons of stuff, I will never have to brush snow off my car again.

Our finished basement needs to be purged of books and toys my children have outgrown. While some will be donated, others will be sold online.

Another mommy project is cleaning out my twins' closets. They have grown and I need to give friends clothing that no longer fits. And if I happen to run into other junk I can get rid of while they’re in school, that’s a bonus.

So did I accomplish my October goals?

Write 31 points worth of articles, with at least five being featured ones for the 90% revenue share

I wrote 33 points worth of articles, with five being submitted for feature (and three being featured!), so I will receive the 90% revenue share next month.

In addition, I have been focusing on my Girl Scout blog. I have written many posts for this month as well as for November. I have been monetizing my blog more, writing posts that tie into Amazon products that Girl Scout leaders would need, and adding the appropriate product photos. This month, I sold 14 products on Amazon, the vast majority of them Girl Scout related. I have not had this many Amazon sales since March 2011, so I was really happy. I actually made Amazon payout this month.

My biggest surprise came from a click I received on my half-finished website. I know there is a need for it, and once this year is over, it will be my main focus.

I have also been adding Amazon products to my Girl Scout articles here on Infobarrel. Even with the changes to the Girl Scout program, there are still many products that leaders can use with their troops.

During other small pockets of time, I have been digging into past winter articles to edit and add media, especially media that are Amazon products. Thanks to Chezfat and his articles about interlinking media, I have seen increased income simply by adding an appropriate photo.

What are my November goals?

-To write 31 points worth of articles, with at least five being featured ones for the 90% revenue share

-Write enough Girl Scout blog posts to get me into the second week of January

That’s it for this month! Good luck with your writing and thank you for reading this!